Still getting to know my colourways…

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Hello again!

I´m back with more knitting adventures in hand dyeing land. I finished my green, hand dyed socks the other day, and immediately had to cast on another pair of simple socks from my hand dyed stash. There are two reasons why I´m doing this. 1. Because it is so much fun! 2. I want to know if the yarn I´ve made will behave in a way that I think look nice when it´s knit up. I personally don´t like very prominant pooling/flashing and I try to avoid that. Being new to dyeing, I want to get an understanding of how the different kind of techniques I use will affect the colour distribution on a knitted item. Now, I haven´t shown you a picture of my finished green socks yet, but I just barely had enough light to snap a picture of my current WIP before sundown. (I will show off my other socks in future post!) 29207007515_53880336c7_kHere is my current project. I applied the colours in an other way than I did on the yarn in my last post. I was very curious about how it would knit up, and I´m pleasantly surprised! (Being new to dyeing, almost everything I do that looks good in my eyes surprises me…)  I think it has a nice distribution of colour. And I also like the colour combinations. (I was thinking of the Wild pansy flower when I was experimenting with this). And I think I have good enough notes to recreate this colourway. I sure hope so, because it´s looking good!
28164914504_b0d41514b9_kHere is how this colourway looked all skeined up. This is dyed up on 75% wool 25% nylon yarn.

Time for bed! But first I want to give every one who has been so encouraging and said so many nice things about my dyeing adventures both here and on Instagram a huge thank you! You are all so very kind and supportive! It makes me want to make more things and keep on blogging! noste

Exploring my yarn

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Some people have been asking me what I´ll do with the yarn I dye. The answer was that I didn´t know. I´ve been having such a good time with my dye pots, and that was enough. But I´ve come to the conclusion that I need to stop dyeing or start selling. So I will be selling some hand dyed yarn in the near future. Not in a large scale though. My goal is to have fun, and I have a day time job that takes a lot of my time. My Etsy shop is a nice extra income that I use to support my crafting hobbies. But back to yarn. I´ve previously knit up two socks. The result of those knitting adventures are on my Instagram page.

The last time I dyed yarn, I had this idea for a colourway in my head. But as I was dyeing it turned into something different. But not in a bad way. Not at all! I really love how it turned out, and I was curious to see how it would knit up in a sock. This is the skein I´m referring to:


Cute yes? I caked it up on Thursday and have been knitting on it since. I´m not a big fan of pooling, and this colourway behaves in the nicest way! I´ve been knitting socks for ever and ever so I´m not using a pattern for simple socks anymore. I cast on 68 sts on 2.25 needles, did 15 rounds of rib, a reinforced dutch heel with a gusset (decreased every third row), and I will probably be doing a rounded star toe at the end. IMG_1311I love this time of year, and I feel like this colourway is a reflextion of whats beginning to happen outside in this wonderful season. I will definately be dyeing up this colourway again after seeing how nice it looks on the needles!

I have ordered more yarn to dye. And I´m thrilled about that! This far, I´ve been dyeing up 75% wool 25% nylon, undyed (Opal) sock yarn. But any day now I will get BFL/nylon yarn and merino/nylon/stellina yarn! And that is beyond words exciting! I will be listing yarn in my shop as soon as I can get me some labels! I just have to figure out where to buy them.

And while I´m waiting, I´m knitting. Like one does.


Beachcombing socks

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This month I got a great ball of yarn in my sock yarn calendar! Opal Beachcombing in the colourway “Orchid on the beach”. It has lots of purple and deep pink, and it was a fun knit. I finished it a few days ago, but since this week was the first of the school year, I didn´t have the brain capacity to remember to blog about them before now. 29069122696_4acf7fa888_kAnd here they are. Just simple socks knitted on 2.5mm needles. I cast on 68 sts for the rib and about 10 rounds of stockinette, and then decreased to 64 sts around the ancle. These socks are going in the gift box for sure. I know just who I will give them to!

Being back to work has been great. I feel totally motivated, and I´m excited about my schedule! I got English and Arts and crafts (as well as some other subjects) and I´m so full of ideas! It feels wonderful!

An update on Gustav: He´s not doing so great. Nothing major, but after his last round of medication he got the ear infection back. The blood test revealed that he has got indoor allergies, and until they work out just what is triggering his allergies and are able to make a vaccine, he has to take prednisolone on a regular basis to prevent further infections. There are some issues with his food intake since the medicine makes him very hungry, and he also drinks (and pees) quite a lot. He doesn´t seem to realise that he needs to go outside more often, and seems confused when we tell him that he should go and have a wee every other hour. But he has high spirits as always. And he is still my big, black cuddly bear.noste


I´ve been at it again!

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Today is the last day of summer break. Tomorrow it´s all about work! I´m kind of looking forward to getting back to normal life again, but still…

This weekend I did some dyeing! Thomas went off to help a friend move, and once again I took it as a sign. I had 15 skeins of 75% wool 25% nylon yarn to play with. And I did!IMG_1283

Last time I saw my mother, she wanted me to dye up 5 skeins of orange for her, because she would love to knit a sweater with my yarn. So I did that. She will not go unnoticed in this colour… But she said she loved it! And I can´t wait to see the sweater!



I also had some fun mixing some colours together before adding them to the pot. That gave me this lovely pinkish colour that I like a lot more than I thought I would… The cuteness is growing on me!


IMG_1282Had to dye some more of my yellow colourway, just because I could!



This colourway turned out waaaay different than I had imagined, but I love it! And I know what I did, so I think I might try to copy this the next time i dye!



Yet another test. Needs a little of tweaking, but I have a good feeling about this! 



Words can´t describe how green this yarn is… It´s like… straight out of Ghost Busters!



Another experiment. I really like the colours in this skein. Might try this again.



I love this colourway! Will be making it again!



I experimented some more. And this happened. Cute!


I love dyeing! Squee!

…but now I´m off to bed. My alarm is set for 0515 tomorrow! Wish me luck!


Blanket madness check in

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At the beginning of summer some of you might remember that I finished my sock yarn blanket, and got so excited about that and started two more blankets. There has been progress since last time, and that´s what I wanted to share with you today. I don´t have a deadline for these projects, but I´ve found that each time I´m knitting a new sock, I like to immidiately put one square in each blanket straight away. (I also have lots of little bits of scrap yarn in my basket, so if I feel like knitting on my blanket for a whole day I could.)

I´m using a 3mm circular needle for my squares. (I know most people use a 2.5mm needle, but I knit at a very tight gauge and that wouldn´t look nice in a blanket).



I´m using 41 stitches for my bigger blanket. That is actually three stitches less than on the one I recently finished. I´ve added 20 squares in this blanket since my latest update, so the total is now 65 squares.
28568784881_c0e430aaa8_kThe other blanket consists of small squares, and I use 33 stitches for that one. Since last time I´ve added 17 squares to this one, so the total is now 30 squares. And it still seems really tiny. But I love it! And the size of the squares makes it possible to use even the small scraps as well. Genius!

So. That´s what I´ve been knitting on this morning. And I wanted to share my progress with you! I´ve got plans to do a bit of sewing today. There´s about a week left of summer break, and I just cleaned my craft room. While cleaning I found some nice bits of fabric I think will look good in some project bags. I´ll be back with an update on how that went!