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17311953035_b5d3e73b19_kI love knitting mindless socks! The ones were the yarn does all the work, and you just have to knit and wait to see what happends next. Of course, there is a time for everything, and I love intricate sock pattern as well. But, somehow, mindless socks is kind of my security blanket. It´s true comfort knitting.

This time I have knitted socks in a new to me yarn, West Yorkshire Spinners, Signature 4 Ply in the Blue tit colorway (818). Kindly sent to me by Dani from little bobbins knits podcast in a swap we did a few weeks back. The wool content in this yarn contains 35% Bluefaced Leicester wool, and it was a joy to knit with! I´m knitting them on magic loop, and I used my new favorite needles Chiaogoo RED 32″ (80 cm) 2.0mm/US0 needles for these socks, because I thought the yarn was a bit on the thin side, and because I have been experimenting with smaller needles for my socks lately. My thought is that my socks will last even longer if I go down a size. 2.5mm is still my go-to needle.

As many others that knits a lot of socks, I have my own pattern for simple socks. If you are new to sock knitting you might want to take a look at it. It´s a free pattern, and explains both a grafted toe and a star toe. If you try it out, let me know what you think.

I tried to do a partridge heel (I have been known to call it a pigeon heel…) on these ones, since Dani has knitted quite a few socks with that type of heel, and I wanted to add a bit of Dani to them. They fit like a glove and I look forward to wearing them!

They are knitted in a eur. size 38 and I used 64 g/255.7m of yarn to knit the pair.

When I was about to take the photo of the socks, I remembered that I had a card with a blue tit on it. I recently bought some cards from the incredible talented Hannah Longmuir on Etsy. She does the most amazing pencil drawings, so if you are into that kind of stuff, you should really check her out!


Question: What is your go-to needle on fingering weight sock yarn?





The weather cleared up, and I was able to take my newest knitting project, the Clothilde shawl, outside for a photo shoot. I´m really pleased with how this project turned out. Not because of the pattern, I have knitted it before, and I know that this is a well written pattern. The thing that intrigued me most was that I was knitting it in a 100% Norwegian yarn from Norwegian sheep. The yarn is from Selbu Spinneri which is a small Norwegian Mill. They focuses on the original Norwegian sheepbreeds, and conservation of them. They can also spin yarn for you if you have over a certain amount of wool you want to turn into yarn.

As I might have mentioned on my podcast, Norwegian wool is not considered to be the softest, so it is not a popular wool, and it´s down right hard to find any real Norwegian yarn in this country. Sheep farmers are paid too little, and it will cost them money to get their wool processed into yarn. It will for the most part never pay off to be a sheep farmer wool wise. And because of this, some of the oldest sheep breeds we have in this country is indangered.

I bought this yarn when I was visiting Sjølingstad in September and , and I knew that I had to try to knit a shawl with it. I´m a huge fan of Shetland Soft for shawls, and this felt just as soft. It had a bit of lanolin in it, so I was really looking forward to washing it and see how much it would bloom.

Skjermbilde 2015-04-26 kl. 16.24.10


I really think that this shawl will be soft enough for me to wear! I can´t say for sure yet, because I´m experiencing allergies due to pollen, so I have really sensitive skin around my neck. But I´m pretty sure it will work. If not, I know my mother would use it, because she can use any types of wool next to skin. So that´s my plan B.


I really enjoyed working with this yarn. It was soft, and it felt handspun with some uneven spinning here and there. Kind of rustic, which I kind of think a real Norwegian yarn should be! Nothing major, just a few more woolen part here and there. But the shawl turn out nice, so this is really not a huge deal. The breed is Norsk kvit sau which is translated into Old white sheep. It´s a 2 ply yarn with 330 meters on 100g. I bought two skeins and I have quite a bit left on skein number two. I weighed my shawl after washing and found that I used 125 g/412.5m to knit it. I have 75g left, and maybe that will be enough for a pair of mittens if I pair it with an accent color. 


The pattern is Clothilde by Kirsten Hanley Cardozo a pattern that I love and can recommend to anyone. It´s a pay for pattern, and it´s worth the money. I knitted this shawl on 4mm Addi Needles.





That Saturday feeling…

After having finished some shawl UFOs, I decided that I could cast on something new. Not a shawl, but a sock. So it kind of doesn´t count. It is my opinion that one should always have socks on the needles. (…never mind that I have two pairs of socks on the needles already…)

After knitting my slightly modified Naisen kirjoneulesukat, I got a new favorite yarn, Regia Tweed. So I decided to buy a few skeins to be sure I could have more quality knitting time with this yarn. Now, this yarn has been lying on the kitchen table for a while, and I´ve been thinking I want to knit with it for the longest time, but decided to work on the shawls instead. I´ve seen people knitting with this yarn all over Instagram, and last night I just had to cave. And I cast on using my new favorite 2.5mm Chiaogoo RED 32″ (80 cm) Circulars.

I didn´t want to knit an advanced sock pattern, but I didn´t feel like a plain vanilla sock either. So I had a look around Ravelry and fell in love with the Gentleman´s Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern from one of my favorite sock books Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I have knitted these socks once before, but back then I just did the Ringwood pattern, and didn´t really follow the pattern. And that was my first and last man socks on 2mm needles… They took forever to knit! This time I wanted to follow the pattern, so I started on an extremely long rib last night before I went to bed. As always, I found that part kind of everlasting, but the yarn was so nice to work with that I kind of forgot that I really don´t enjoy that part of sock knitting.

So. This is what I´ve been doing today!

IMG_6341Several cups of coffee, some yoghurt covered nuts and since it is raining outside, I decided to take some of the flowers in the garden with me inside to look at.


IMG_6350Here is a close up of the pattern and the yarn. I just love the simplicity of the pattern and the lovely colored specks in the grey.

These socks are going to be long ones, so I have a fair bit of knitting left. But so far, it is a wonderful experience!

As soon as the weather clears up, I will be taking some pictures of my newest finished object, a Clothilde Shawl knitted in wonderful 100% Norwegian wool from a small Norwegian mini mill called Selbu Spinneri. So stay tuned for that!



Inspiration, Knitting

Knitting inspiration

I got some wonderful surprises in my message box on Ravelry this month! Pattern gifts from several Ravelry friends! My birthday was on April 6th and since then I have had little surprises waiting for me every week! These patterns are my knitting inspiration and what I use to motivate myself to finish some of my UFOs… I´ve decided that I have too many projects tucked away, and I need to deal with some of them before I cast on something new. I can´t wait to cast on the following projects, but not until some of my UFOs are finished objects! But there´s no harm in showing you my inspiration and talk about some yarn choices, is it?

A hap for Harriet

A Hap for Harriet by Kate Davies from Sabine/FaserKiste. (Photo: © Kate Davies Designs)

I love the look of this shawl! I have several yarns in the stash that I think will look nice in this pattern. I find it hard to find something to use my lace yarns for, but this might be the pattern! I´ve got some Rowan Fine Lace in a nice mustardy yellow, some TuLLiBaLL Strå in a blueish color and I also have a midnight blue skein of Eden Cottage Yarns Theseus Lace. Ah… decisions!


Camilla Shawl by Carrie Bostick Hoge from Maureen/Irish

I saw this shawl on JuniperGraceTube and I immediately fell in love. I probably don´t have the right weight in my stash, so I have no idea what I want to knit this in. I have knitted a pattern from this designer before, Camilla babe, which I loved! So I just know that this will be a fun knit!


Konnor & River´s hat

Konnor & River’s Hat by Becky Foster from Angelika/Angiie1971 (Photo: © Becky Foster)

This hat has been in my queue for some time and I completely forgot about it, but when I saw it on the Knittingdish podcast, I had to move it up on my to-knit list! Such a beautiful hat. No idea what yarn this will be knitted in, but it will be knitted for sure!


Mary Mead by Andi Satterlund from Barbi/iKnit1Purl2 (Photo: © Andi Satterlund)

I have been searching for “the right” cardigan pattern for some time. I got two skeins of Kauni in a lovely pine green color in my Christmas Calendar last year, and I think they will look lovely in a cardigan. I wear a lot of dresses, so I think this type of cardi is just what I´m looking for! I have two cardigans in my UFO box, so I´ll try to finish them before I cast on this one… *sigh*


Clairmore Cowlette by Corrina Ferguson from Melanie/mad79 (Photo: © PicnicKnits)

I found this cowlette when I was looking for patterns that could work with handspun yarn. I like the combination of cowl and shawl, because I find that small shawlettes often fall off my neck if I don´t pay attention. But with a cowlette that won´t be any problem. And I think this pattern looks so simple and sweet!



Diana’s Quiver by Ellen M. Silva from Melinda/Yarnderwoman (Photo: © Ellen M. Silva)

These socks will most likely look lovely in any kind of solid or semi solid color, and I´m pondering about using the Opal Hagebutte which is NOT a calm yarn. But I think it could be fun to try.

Thank you so much to everyone for these lovely birthday gifts! They are all so lovely! And you are all so so sweet!

Tip: It took me some time to figure out how you can make a wish list on Ravelry. If you add a pattern to your queue you can tick the box that says “Include this Ravelry Download PDF on my wish list”, and you will add the pattern to a seperate wish list, as well as your queue. I love this feature, because I tend to put way to much things in my queue in the spur of the moment, and find, at a later time, that I for some reason didn´t feel that this was a pattern I would like to knit. If you make a wish list, anyone who feels like doing a random act of kindness, be it your birthday or just any day knows what you want!

Skjermbilde 2015-04-18 kl. 10.25.47

Now… back to my UFO knitting…