Yarn dyeing experiments


A few days ago, I found my self home alone. I had been wanting to dye some yarn for a long time, but I´d never gotten to it. At first it was because I didn´t have some fundamental things, like a designated dye pot. And then I had to get me some citric acid, gloves, a mask and so on. The last thing I was waiting for was some bottles to mix the colours in that I had ordered online. So this particular morning, my boyfriend was away on a road trip, and in the middle of my breakfast the door bell rang, and it was the bottles! At the time it seemed like a sign. So I cleaned my kitchen and made sure to put everything food related from the counter in another room, just to be safe.

So what was I waiting for? Nothing apparently!

Before I started my experiments I had watched Hue Loco´s tutorials on how to dye yarn. That was it. Basically I had no idea what I was getting myself into… But I was ready!

I swear, yarn has never dryed this slow… I was so excited to see what it would look like when it was dried and re-skeined. It took forever! But after a day or so it was ready to be skeined up!

28647273215_cd929860a1_kMy first attempt. It was not what I was going for AT ALL, but it turned out pretty nice all the same. Hopefully I will one day be skilled enough to make what I was picturing in my head at the time.

28363011060_33ed653091_kOn my second attempt, I didn´t have a plan at all. But I like the result. I was a bit nervous while making it though, because in the pot it looked like a polish circus…

28031065273_1edb58e5c9_kIn this picture you can eye my third attempt on the left. On the right you have my attempt at trying to copy that colorway. I should mention that my third attempt was dyed on a natural colored yarn, while my attemt at copying it was dyed on a skein of bleached white. So I´m pretty happy with it! (And I wouldn´t be me if I didn´t try to dye something yellow, now would I?)

28031066293_e80d380f19_kHere is my fourth attempt. You see a speckled theme going on right? Pink with spots of pink and yellow. I kind of want to taste this yarn too…

28568782861_9fe3d320a5_kThe fifth attempt, and my last that day. I´m not really drawn to blues, but I like the way this turned out!

I could hardly sleep that night, because my head was filled with visions of yarn and colour. So the next day I skeined up 5 ball of white yarn, and had another go. I wanted to try something a bit less speckled, but still variagated enough to not be boring.

28030176044_774323cdc2_kIt is so hard to take a good picture of this colour. But it´s pretty much all about the pink and reds.

28031066673_82422eed63_kI went for it again. And this time I wanted to try out some green colours.

28614947436_07fe8480c7_kI´m insanely thrilled about this skein! I love, love, love how that turned out! Especially since I mixed some colours to get another shade of yellow in the mix. And of course, it has a tiiiny bit of speckles.

28363011260_5ddfd7bce0_k…and then I couldn´t control myself anymore, and had to make something closer to speckled again. My last experiment of the day was my copycat that I´ve already showed you in a previous picture. 

Now I´m all out of yarn, but I´ve ordered more! This was so much fun! And while I´m waiting for that, I´ll be knitting with my own, hand dyed yarns! Squee!

Note: For my experiment I used Jacquard acid dye. In Norway you can buy these colours at Spinnvilt. And I´m pretty sure they are available online in other countries as well. I also got some Jacquard dyes from a friend of mine that didn´t use them.

All the yarns I´ve dyed are 75/25 wool-nylon sock yarn. Three of the hanks was gifted to me along with the dyes and they where in a in a natural white colour, while the rest was bleached white. (I bought eight skeins of bleached white Opal sock yarn on a 50% off sale months ago, with dyeing experiments in mind and hanked them up).

I´m thinking about colour combinations and dying techniques pretty much all the time now. And I´m looking forward to seeing what will happen next with this new hobby of mine!

I hope you are well and that you are doing something creative (and maybe trying something new) this summer!


Yummy socks!

28647452645_52d22a663b_k So. My Vanilla Cupcake socks are done, and I couldn´t be more pleased! The yarn was a joy to knit with, and I love all the colours in this speckled yarn.
28031234763_ba6025abb5_kThe yarn I´ve knitted these in is from  Herbstblatt Regina´s Etsy shop. The base is called Hazel Soft Sock and the colorway is “Vanilla Cupcake”.28030319264_8cd6c14687_k The pattern I´ve used is Diana´s Quiver by Ellen M. Silva. A simple, easy to memorise, addictive kind of pattern. Well worth every dollar! I´ve used my regular heel (dutch heel) and a grafted toe. I didn´t follow the patterns instructions on those, simply because I was kind of lazy and didn´t feel like learning a new heel/toe. (In all honesty, I didn´t even check to see what sort of heel or toe the pattern wanted me to use… bad knitter!) The socks are knitted on 2.25mm Knit Pro Zing needles. Note to self: They fit me perfectly, but I love snug socks. If I am to knit this pattern with gift knitting in mind, I would probably use a 2.5mm needle, to ensure that they wouldn´t be too tight for the recipient.
28647452485_fdd3efae52_k …and I still want to have a taste. The socks are just yummy!



You’re my cuppycake!

The other day I received a package from the lovely Regina that owns the Etsy shop Herbstblatt Regina. I follow her on instagram and saw that she had an update in her shop, so I had to take a look. I immediately fell in love with a beautiful skein of yarn. The base is called Hazel Soft Sock and the colorway is “Vanilla Cupcake”. It has lots of yellow and pinks in it. Of course I had to buy it! I bought a quilted projectbag from her some weeks ago, and judging by the quality of that, I knew that the skein had to be gorgeous. And it was! I skeined it up on Saturday and immidiately had to knit a square in both of my cozy blankets, before casting on a pair of socks.


I was really pleased with how the speckled yarn I bought from Baerenwolle knit up in the pattern Diana´s Quiver by Ellen M. Silva, so I knew I had to try out that pattern on this yarn as well. And I´m super excited about this combination of yarn and pattern this time as well! Purled stitches always make speckled yarn pop in the most intriguing way. 28259052712_a166bde105_kI love every single colour in this skein of yarn! Oh my gosh. I kind of want to taste it. But I won´t. I think. Maybe. Can´t promise anything… The little stitch marker is one of my own. Love the little tea bag. I have an Etsy shop where I sell little knitting related stuff like that. Hopefully I will get to update it with some new stitch markers and row counters tomorrow. Just need to take some pictures first.

(And yes, I´m still using my favourite 2.25mm Knit pro Zing needles).




Sweet as candy

Hello again. Trying to keep my resolution to update my blog more often, so here is my latest FO.

As some of you might know, Trude and I have a sock yarn calendar. For two years we have made calendars with sock yarn and swapped them. The 1st of each month we get to open the package for that month. So much fun, since we never know what kind of yarns and colors we´ll get. This month I got a yarn with colours I´d probably never buy myself, but that has been so much fun to knit with. The yarn is Twisted Limone Tangy Sock Yarn in the colourway “Sweet as candy”. I also used Filcolana Arwetta Classic for the heel (which is a reinforced dutch heel).

27746396024_49494f37e9_kI knitted these socks on 6″ 2.25mm needles, my favourite needles at this point, a set of Knit Pro Zing. I just love how they come in different colours for different sizes! The pattern I used for these socks is the “Vanilla Bean Striped Socks” by Emily O´Grady. It´s a free pattern that is easy to memorise and gives a nice effect with self-striping yarn.


So. I made it this month as well, and I have already started another pair of socks. I´m working on my two new blankets as well, but it´s nice to switch it up a little. I´m excited to see what sock yarn is in store for me in August!