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Handspun socks? I made it!

Ok, so I tried to take a nice photo my socks fresh off the needles, but failed. I partly blame my dog, who tried to eat my toes in the process… But here they are, my first ever handspun socks! And I love them!

Ok, let´s talk facts:

I think I spun the yarn some time in spring 2015. I started the socks in July 2015… That´s almost 2 years ago… so about time the socks got finished! I´m so pleased with this project! The wool was bought from Tante Ull. I believe it´s a merino/nylon mix, but I have long since lost the card with the info… So… the facts are a bit blurry…

But, I know the yarn is a 3-ply, I used 2.5mm needles, and the pattern is called Monkey Socks by Cookie A. It has this nice pattern throughout the socks that is easy to remember. The yarn is a bit busy, and the pattern is a bit lost in the yarn, but it kept it interesting. So totally worth it!

But I did a grafted toe…

…and my usual heel.

And that was that.




Ep. 2: Something pink

Show notes:

My May socks are knitted in this yarn from Vivid yarn studio and I used the AfterThought Heel Sockspattern by Laura Linneman

I´m eagerly knitting on my Find your fade by Andrea Mowry. This is my project page.

My handspun socks are knitted in a wool braid I bought from TanteUll in the Monkey Socks pattern by Cookie A.

My mother has knitted a Fana sweater with a round yoke for me. And I believe it´s knitted in a discontinued yarn from Sandnes called Mini Duett.

New in my stash is Sandnes Alpakka Silke