The knitting that brought the mojo back!

My most colourful knit so far this year has been this shawl. It has been massively addictive, and it sparked my knitting mojo! All in all a wonderful project! The name? You´ve probably heard it before since it has 4373 projects on Ravelry (!) It´s the Find your fade by Andrea Mowry.

The actual knitting of the shawl is quite easy. It´s picking the colours that´s challenging. I had pretty much no idea what I was going for when I sat down with my box of beautiful yarn and tried out colour combinations. The nice thing about this shawl is that you get to use extremely bright colours (like my orange one), that you maybe didn´t quite know what to do with, but you loved it all the same. When I first picked out my colours, I thought there were 6 colours in the shawl. It´s not. It´s 7. But I found the perfect colour towards the end. My colours range from deep purple to bright red/coral. The yarns I´ve used is:

  1. tuLLiBaLL Kos in the colourway Pompøs
  2. A wee bit knitty Hand dyed yarn Tough cookie in a purple speckled experiment
  3. Knit Picks Hawthorne Speckle Handpaint in the colourway Graffiti Speckle
  4. Herbstblatt Regina Hazel Soft Sock in the colourway Melting snowman
  5. Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin in the colourway Küken
  6. A wee bit knitty Hand dyed yarn Tough cookie in a red/coral experiment
  7. Decadently Divine Decadent Sock in the colourway Autumn Blaze

…and I used 4.0mm/US6 Knit Pro Zing for this project. (Not my favourite circular needles. The yarn kept snagging at the join between cable and needle.)

I cast on my shawl on May 6, and finished it on May 28. During that time I went on a trip with my boyfriend, and since I´m a morning person and he isn´t, I managed to get a great deal of knitting in on those two days.

My shawl has been the main focus of my podcast in May. Because I was obsessed! I was knitting on it all the time!

I´ll admit that blocking it was a bit of a challenge. I had to remove our hammock and hang the shawl to dry in it´s place. Leaving the blocking up to gravity…

It´s done and ready to wear now! I was able to use it like three days before it got too hot! But come autumn I´m bringing this baby back into my wardrobe! If this isn´t a feel good shawl, I don´t know what is!

If you want to se more of this shawl, you should check out episode number 4 of my podcast!