November socks

I know it´s been some time since November ended, but it took some time to get the socks washed, blocked and ready for picture time. But now they are ready and I just love them! 31534845656_a5b14a4c37_k

Once again I´ve used the Thuja pattern by Bobby Ziegler, I just converted it to fingering weight yarn. I cast on 72 sts with Regia 4-ply Tweed on 2mm needles. (If you are planning to do the same, keep in mind that I knit with a tight gauge, so if you´re a loose knitter, you might just have to cast on 68sts or maybe less?) I just looooove the look of this pattern with tiny needles and thin yarn. And I will be knitting it again for sure! I love knitting this pattern. It´s addictive!noste

4 thoughts on “November socks”

  1. These are lovely! 2017 is definitely going to have to be the year to knit socks. All of mine seem to be wearing out at the same time! ?

    1. Thank you! I use to have the same problem. All my socks got holes at the same time. But at that time I was binge knitting socks, so I started using them all at the same time. And they wore out at the same time. Now I´m pretty much knitting socks all the time.. 😛

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