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Roma mittens

This fall I knitted mittens for my mother´s birthday in November. I knew she had worn out the ones she knitted for herself, and I also wanted to try knitting with some of my ethical yarn. The yarn I knitted these mittens in is from Hooligan Yarn.

The mittens are Roma mittens by Matilda Kruse, and I knitted them on 2.75mm needles, to get a dense fabric that will last for a long while. My mother uses her mittens when she walks the dogs, and I knew from the quality of the yarn, that these would felt in the palm of the hand, and be perfect for the intended use. (Her previous mittens were in superwash yarn, and they don´t felt, but sadly get holes rather quick if you have eager dogs…)

Now, let´s talk about the yarn. Hooligan Yarns have the following message on their page:

“It’s essential for the welfare of sheep that they’re shorn at least once a year, but the fleece is often disposed of or given away for next to nothing. I liked the idea of producing a ‘single sheep’ yarn that promoted a high welfare message.
The boys were originally called The Hooligans because of their boisterous behaviour and unerring knack of seeking out trouble, and although the girls are generally better behaved, they also have their moments. And so Hooligan Yarns was born!
We have mostly Gotland sheep, with some interesting crosses with Teeswater and Shetland that make unusual, beautiful wool. Some new additions of rescued Jacobs and Lleyn crosses provide a traditional alternative to the Gotland blends. Our yarns are machine spun in UK mills. Batches are produced by individual sheep fleece with the name and details of each boy or girl provided as a story postcard with every order, including a photo. So you know exactly who you’re knitting, and who you’re wearing.”

I got the most lovely package when I got the yarn I ordered. Pictures of the sheep, in this case from the sheep Guthrie who is a Gotland sheep. (The yarn is a DK ply with  160m per 100g ball from their spring 2017 shearing.) And a story about who Guthrie is. Truly charming mail!

This yarn was perfect for mittens, and I suspect also for socks, but I don´t think I´d knit shawls or sweaters with it, because it was quite rough. The fabric got a nice halo, which I think is beautiful, but it wasn´t perhaps the best match with the pattern of choice. But my mother was very happy when she unwrapped them, so I suspect I´m too judgy…

The patterning on the top of the mittens disappeared  into the fluff the yarn created. But you sort of get the idea…

My mother has by now used the mittens many many times, and she can confirm that they are warm and that they have felted by wear to be perfect for dog walking! And I have enough yarn left to knit another pair of mittens!


Ep. 13 – The one in front of the Christmas tree


I´m wearing the Løvfallgenser by Strikkelisa. This pattern is so far only in Norwegian. I knitted a size XL and it worked wonders with my firm knitting style. I´ve used slaughter-free yarn from Izzy Lane for this project and I loved it! I will be knitting more items with this yarn! For this project I used the colourway natural grey.

I´m working on:

Bellatrix cowl by Heidi Braacx using yarn from her store which you can find at

A pair of legwarmers called Mirry Dancers by Gudrun Johnston. I´m using yarn from a finnish hand dyer (Lanitium Ex Machina)

My last knitted work in progress is Gaïa by Marie Adeline Boyer. It´s a shawl pattern, but I´m gifting it as a baby blanket once it´s done. I´m using Malsen og Mor Shetland soft in the colourway skog for this project.

I also talked about my latest spinning project. I got a hold of washed fleece from Scruffydogyarn on Etsy, and I´m having a lot of fun with it! This wool comes from a pet sheep that will not end up as someone´s dinner. I have a big bag of this wool, so stay tuned to see what it will become!

I´m also raving about my beautiful bag from Busy Pottering on Etsy.

I also drew the last 4 winners of the 2017 gift making KAL. So if you participated with projects and/or chatter, you should have a look at this episode.

I´ve started a reading challenge and I´m continuing with the gift making KAL. Every craft can join, as long as you are making gifts. Go to the group on Ravelry to find out more!…


Ep. 12 – When Gustav met Qarma

I´m podcasting in my PJs. Why not?

Show notes:

I´ve started a new project! Løvfallgenser by Strikkelisa. I´m knitting it in slaughter-free yarn from Izzy Lane.

My lovely bag is from Busy Pottering and inside I keep the Almost Ribbed Socks by louleigh.

I´m also working on a pair of simple socks in Opal yarn.

And allthough it´s dimly lit, I´m trying to show you my finished Under the bridge shawl by Renate Dalmo. (Click on the link to see a better photo!)

This podcast´s ethical yarn project is a pair of mittens I knitted for my mother. The pattern is

Roma Mittens by Matilda Kruse and I´ve used yarn from Hooligan yarns. And the name of the sheep who gave the yarn is Guthrie.

If you like dogs, you will enjoy the footage of Gustav and the puppy Qarma (Not our dog!)

And last but not least I´m showing you a book I got from a dear viewer. Hand made, recycled, hand dyed. It´s precious!



Ep. 11 – Knitting all the shawls…

Long time, no see… but I haven´t been lazy!


I´ve finished a giant shawl. What the Fade?! by Andrea Mowry. I used yarn from

I also finished the Osmosis for my mother.

I knitted myself a hat in Malabrigo Rios. I improvised as I went along and did a broken rib for the main part of the “body”.

I´ve started another crazy shawl! Speckle & Pop Shawl by Stephen West.

…and I´m test knitting a shawl for my friend. Under the bridge by Renate Dalmo.

I got some lovely new stitch markers from Victorian Studio Shop on Etsy and another issue of Laine Magazine.

I´ve drawn some prizes. (Thanks again for the donation of yarn dear podcast watcher who I don´t know if I can name!)

I´m talking about my future yarn choices. And showing you some of them. The post I´ve written on the subject is here: A new chapter…