The big box of sock shame…

I have this box that I don´t like to think too much about… It all started when I thought it was a good idea to cast on new sock projects when I was only half done with my current sock project… But have the big box of sock shame taught me anything? No. I still feel the urge to cast on new socks. Just the other day I decided that I should finish some of my sock wips. But now, when I´m close to finishing a pair of socks, I already feel the need to cast on a new pair… And if I keep knitting one sock and then casting on a new one without finishing the complete pair, this box will never be empty! I wouldn´t call it second sock syndrome, because I do want to knit the socks. It´s just that I want to knit all the socks at once!

The upside? When I do pick up a sock from this box, I only need to knit one sock to have a full pair…

Anyone else have a box of never ending sock wips?

9 thoughts on “The big box of sock shame…”

  1. After years of having at least one pair of socks on the needles at all times, I have only finished ONE sock this year. I seem to have lost my sock knitting mojo completely, and that’s a shame because I have a huge stash of sock yarn! 😐

  2. I have exactly the same quandary. So many lovely sock patterns. I quite like that I end up only having to knit one sock to get a pair.

  3. I have several pairs of socks going at any one time and I get so bored lol But if I have too many unfinished things at a time it overwhelms me. I’ve even gotten so bored with a sock pattern and knit the second sock from a different pattern! The yarn matches though lol

    1. As long as the socks fit in the designated box of sock shame, I´ll keep my cool. But if they grow out of it… then I´ll be overwhelmed for sure! Giggle, – well, your socks kind of matched at least! Made me smile.

  4. I have a box like that, it’s my new year resolution to complete them in January. On the whole I do, except for one which has been lurking in the closet for the last two years.
    Congratulations on the baby, keep well and enjoy the time before the birth.

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