Knitting with ethical yarn

Baby it´s cold outside!

So cold in fact, that I decided to use the skeins of yarn that I had left over from my Løvfallgenser to knit a pair of Majas Mamelucker.

I decided to knit the shorts a bit bigger, since my measurements was a bit bigger than in the pattern. But I  overestimated my size. My butt is not as big as it is in my head (or my gauge might have been way off…), so next time I might stick to the pattern. But it stays up, and keeps my bum nice and toasty while I wear my favourite skirts! I knitted the woolen lovelies on 2.75mm needles, Chiaogoo of course. I used something between 2 and 3 skeins of yarn. Maybe 400m?  That is less than 500m of yarn. And I could give you a more presice number if I just got my butt off the sofa and go weigh the thing…

It has this genius ribbing in each side, so the shorts stays nice and tight, and is not visible under my skirt. I love it! As I´ve already mentioned, I used yarn I had left from my Løvfallgenser. That is Izzy Lane yarn from slaughter-free flocks. Which makes the knitting process extra special! You can read more about the Izzy Lane yarn on my post about the previously mentioned sweater.  I hope you are all keeping warm out there. Maybe you should knit a mameluck as well?

2 thoughts on “Baby it´s cold outside!”

  1. So lovely !
    Do you think average sockyarn will be warm enough ? As I have quite some leftovers here…
    And, oh my, I am too late…. : temps dropped to below zero with the chill factor of eastern wind and my warm jeans just gave in….

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