Beachcombing socks

This month I got a great ball of yarn in my sock yarn calendar! Opal Beachcombing in the colourway “Orchid on the beach”. It has lots of purple and deep pink, and it was a fun knit. I finished it a few days ago, but since this week was the first of the school year, I didn´t have the brain capacity to remember to blog about them before now. 29069122696_4acf7fa888_kAnd here they are. Just simple socks knitted on 2.5mm needles. I cast on 68 sts for the rib and about 10 rounds of stockinette, and then decreased to 64 sts around the ancle. These socks are going in the gift box for sure. I know just who I will give them to!

Being back to work has been great. I feel totally motivated, and I´m excited about my schedule! I got English and Arts and crafts (as well as some other subjects) and I´m so full of ideas! It feels wonderful!

An update on Gustav: He´s not doing so great. Nothing major, but after his last round of medication he got the ear infection back. The blood test revealed that he has got indoor allergies, and until they work out just what is triggering his allergies and are able to make a vaccine, he has to take prednisolone on a regular basis to prevent further infections. There are some issues with his food intake since the medicine makes him very hungry, and he also drinks (and pees) quite a lot. He doesn´t seem to realise that he needs to go outside more often, and seems confused when we tell him that he should go and have a wee every other hour. But he has high spirits as always. And he is still my big, black cuddly bear.noste


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  1. Your beachcombing socks are beautiful! I have so much sock yarn, I should make my own sock yarn calendar (I could probably make calendars for the next five years and still have sock yarn left over!).
    I’m so happy that your work schedule includes Arts & Crafts! That seems like a perfect fit for you.
    Poor Gustav! It’s so hard when our animals are not doing well and they don’t seem to understand why we’re doing the things to them that we do. My poor little dog keeps getting a papilloma growth coming back on his eyelid. It’s been removed twice already since April, but it grows back very quickly and makes his poor eye irritated. I have to put him in the bathtub and rinse his eye out every other day to get rid of the build-up of gunk. 🙁 He doesn’t like for me to just wipe his eye with a cloth, so fortunately he submits to the bathtub and shower spray method without complaint. It’s not too bad in the hot summer weather now, but once it’s cold, it’s not going to be so great to be getting him wet so often. What a dilemma! I hope you can figure out soon what is triggering Gustav’s allergies. xo

    1. Thank you annmarie! I have a lot of sock yarn too, but since I knit a lot of socks, I kind of feel like I can 😛 It´s probably the yarn I feel the least guilty about, just because I know I will use it. The other yarn however…

      We know now that Gustav is suffering from indoor allergies, but we have to wait to get the results back on just what it is indoors that are bothering him. And he might also have food allergies. He´s on a special diet now to make sure that the food isn´t triggering his ear. Luckily he seems to understand that what I´m doing is helping, and he let´s me do my thing without much fuzz. (…and he knows that he gets a slice of cheeze when we are done…) He still loves to go to the vet too, so it could be worse.
      I had a Golden Retriever that had a growth in his mouth. It keept growing and pushing at his teeth, so it (and some teeth) had to be removed several times. It´s the worse feeling when your pet has medical issues. I hope your little boy might let you wipe his eyes during the cold months. Being wet all the time is not nice either. Have you tried coaxing him with cheeze? It´s the best says Gustav 😉 xo

  2. Love this socks!
    By the way, as I saw your socks, I had to cast on some vanilla socks for me. After some time, it was great to knit socks again 🙂
    Keep my fingers crossed that Gustav’s results will show what is triggering the allergies!

    1. Thank you! Vanilla socks are great when you have some fun yarn to play with! Thumbs up for socks!
      I hope they get the result and the vaccine quick. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

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