More dyeing experiments!

I´m back. And on a dyeing high again. Yesterday I cleared out the kitchen again and dyed 10 hanks of sock yarn! Some of them I dyed in pairs, or in a similar colour, so I´ll just show you one picture of each colorway. Here´s how my third dyeing adventure went!


I had decided to see if I could copy my yellow skein from my second dyeing adventure. I loved how that turned out, and I think I came pretty close. This is a tad more saturated, but I love it! (This time I remembered to write down just how much dye powder I added to my mix. Bonus points for me!) 28167564093_39492c7032_kI wanted to see what the technique I used on the yellow skein would look like in another colour. Turned out nice I think! I will be trying it on other colours as well!
28164914504_b0d41514b9_kThis colourway I dyed up three times. Just because I liked it so much! So I guess I managed to copy that as well! Yay!
28167565123_680d12fc5f_kThis skein was a result of two skeins in the pot at once. I had planned it to be just pink and green. But I lost control with two hanks in the pot. I will try and see if I can make something similar, but I really have no idea. 
28750717376_9cb4127874_kYet another skeins that is a result of me loosing control. Once again I put two hanks in the pot, and once again I put in too little colour. I love the result though! …but I´ll have to experiment on how to copy that.


This is a skein where I just went for it, and put in some left over colours. It´s a OOAK (one of a kind) for sure. But turned out kind of cool!


This is the reason why I´m so happy I managed to recreate my yellow skein and my purple and yellow skein. Don´t they look great together??? I´m expecting some 100% wool yarn any day now, and my plan is to dye up enough of these to make myself a shawl! I´ll have to work trough a few UFO´s before I start another shawl though…noste


Yarn dyeing experiments


A few days ago, I found my self home alone. I had been wanting to dye some yarn for a long time, but I´d never gotten to it. At first it was because I didn´t have some fundamental things, like a designated dye pot. And then I had to get me some citric acid, gloves, a mask and so on. The last thing I was waiting for was some bottles to mix the colours in that I had ordered online. So this particular morning, my boyfriend was away on a road trip, and in the middle of my breakfast the door bell rang, and it was the bottles! At the time it seemed like a sign. So I cleaned my kitchen and made sure to put everything food related from the counter in another room, just to be safe.

So what was I waiting for? Nothing apparently!

Before I started my experiments I had watched Hue Loco´s tutorials on how to dye yarn. That was it. Basically I had no idea what I was getting myself into… But I was ready!

I swear, yarn has never dryed this slow… I was so excited to see what it would look like when it was dried and re-skeined. It took forever! But after a day or so it was ready to be skeined up!

28647273215_cd929860a1_kMy first attempt. It was not what I was going for AT ALL, but it turned out pretty nice all the same. Hopefully I will one day be skilled enough to make what I was picturing in my head at the time.

28363011060_33ed653091_kOn my second attempt, I didn´t have a plan at all. But I like the result. I was a bit nervous while making it though, because in the pot it looked like a polish circus…

28031065273_1edb58e5c9_kIn this picture you can eye my third attempt on the left. On the right you have my attempt at trying to copy that colorway. I should mention that my third attempt was dyed on a natural colored yarn, while my attemt at copying it was dyed on a skein of bleached white. So I´m pretty happy with it! (And I wouldn´t be me if I didn´t try to dye something yellow, now would I?)

28031066293_e80d380f19_kHere is my fourth attempt. You see a speckled theme going on right? Pink with spots of pink and yellow. I kind of want to taste this yarn too…

28568782861_9fe3d320a5_kThe fifth attempt, and my last that day. I´m not really drawn to blues, but I like the way this turned out!

I could hardly sleep that night, because my head was filled with visions of yarn and colour. So the next day I skeined up 5 ball of white yarn, and had another go. I wanted to try something a bit less speckled, but still variagated enough to not be boring.

28030176044_774323cdc2_kIt is so hard to take a good picture of this colour. But it´s pretty much all about the pink and reds.

28031066673_82422eed63_kI went for it again. And this time I wanted to try out some green colours.

28614947436_07fe8480c7_kI´m insanely thrilled about this skein! I love, love, love how that turned out! Especially since I mixed some colours to get another shade of yellow in the mix. And of course, it has a tiiiny bit of speckles.

28363011260_5ddfd7bce0_k…and then I couldn´t control myself anymore, and had to make something closer to speckled again. My last experiment of the day was my copycat that I´ve already showed you in a previous picture. 

Now I´m all out of yarn, but I´ve ordered more! This was so much fun! And while I´m waiting for that, I´ll be knitting with my own, hand dyed yarns! Squee!

Note: For my experiment I used Jacquard acid dye. In Norway you can buy these colours at Spinnvilt. And I´m pretty sure they are available online in other countries as well. I also got some Jacquard dyes from a friend of mine that didn´t use them.

All the yarns I´ve dyed are 75/25 wool-nylon sock yarn. Three of the hanks was gifted to me along with the dyes and they where in a in a natural white colour, while the rest was bleached white. (I bought eight skeins of bleached white Opal sock yarn on a 50% off sale months ago, with dyeing experiments in mind and hanked them up).

I´m thinking about colour combinations and dying techniques pretty much all the time now. And I´m looking forward to seeing what will happen next with this new hobby of mine!

I hope you are well and that you are doing something creative (and maybe trying something new) this summer!