On the road


Hello again!

As I mentioned in the last post, Thomas and I went to Gotland for our autumn break. Gotland has been a dream of mine for ten years, and this summer we decided that we should go there. Autumn is not a popular time to visit Gotland, so we got great prices on hotel and got to stay at Hotel Helgeand which was a lovely place! There was almost no tourists around, so we basically had the place to ourself, just the way I like it! Gotland is Sweden’s largest island, with a lot of history, and I wasn´t disapointed. We spent a lot of time wandering around in the old town, and we also took the car to see more of the island. Stunning! We took a lot of picture, and this about sums it up:

Visby City Wall, a medieval defensive wall surrounding the town.


It was windy all the time…


How cute is this this little guy that we found in the botanical garden!


We hunted a sunset with our car…

29801278063_f083904144_k…and we were like…


We went to the rauk Jungfrun in Lickershamn.(Rauks are eroded limestone formations).

My camera almost ran out of battery and it was getting dark, so I didn´t get to take a picture of Jungfrun, but here is another rauk:



We met some sheep who was disappointed that we didn´t have any food.


I got to see an old windmill, live!!! Gorgeous!

30331691926_b7353adeda_kWe went to Crêperie & Logi and the food was awesome!!!

30331732056_ea8fcd1335_kBefore we went to Gotland, we took a stroll in Karlstad, a city in Sweden. I had to take a picture of this beautiful quote from a Swedish children´s book by Inger Sandberg. “Daddy, whispered little Spook. Are there ghosts here? Oh sweet little Spook, said daddy. We are the ghosts. And you aren´t afraid of yourself?”


Gotland was the best! I hope we get to go back some time!…