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Here we go again


Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday, and that you feel ready to get back to the “real” world! I just got news that the school I have been working at the last year, wants me to stay on until summer! I still get to teach the class I´ve been working in for the last year, and I also get to teach Norwegian as a second language 5 hours a week! And I´m so excited about that!

As always, a new year tends to bring out all kinds new year´s resolutions, and I have a few as well. I´m trying not to be too spesific, because then I for some weird reason tend to put off doing whatever I wanted to do, no matter how much I wanted it done in the first place… As always, most of my resolutions involves knitting or crafting one way or another.

So, my resolutions in no spesific order are as follows:


1. Knit from stash. I started organizing my stash during the days between Christmas and New Years. Since our move my yarn have been all over the place. Hiding in the most peculiar of places. So organizing had to be done. By now, all my yarn, except for those in my UFOs (that I don´t like to talk about), should have been documented with photographs on Ravelry. I find that I tend to use more from stash when I actually know what I have, and how much I have of each yarn. It kind of freaked me out that I weighed in at almost 19 kg…

2. Knit (Christmas) presents all through the year. Each Christmas I find myself really enjoying wrapping in those handmade things. And to ensure that I will have handmade stuff to give everyone I know, I need to knit presents all year long. This year I have made a list over patterns I´m longing to knit. And I´ve bought 2.7kg of yarn to go with that list. (And by now you can tell that resolution number one is in trouble…) I´m planning on doing a post on my knitted gifts for everyone inspiration. But if you can´t wait, it´s all in my Ravelry queue.

3. I need to actually use my blog more actively. I´m working on some weekly/monthly topics, so that updating it might be more motivating. If anyone who reads this have any suggestions on topics, feel free to tell me!

4. Last but not least, my biggest resolution of all. After 22 years as a pescetarian, I´m going vegetarian! More spesific: Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian. I haven´t been eating much fish or seafood anyway, so I don´t think the change will be all that big. But I´m going to be strict, so from now on I need to read the food labels more closely. No more gelatin or rennet in my diet! My only “problem” will be social gatherings. My diet seems to be a hot topic when around people who does not get why I would choose not to eat meat. After 22 years of not eating meat, that topic gets kind of old… But I feel a renewed interest coming on… *sigh* Which reminds me that I´ll have to buy me some vitamin B.

Do you have any new years resolutions?


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Inspirational knitting podcasts

I really enjoy watching knitting podcasts while I knit, and I have gotten some questions as to who I´m following. I find new podcast each week, and here is my current “one to watch” list in no particular order, maybe there are some that are new to you that you can check out?

I also listen to:


I think that was all. I try my best to keep up, but sometimes life gets in the way. But now that summer break is upon me, I will be able to catch up and I´m looking forward to that!

Sometimes I feel like I´m living under a rock, so if you have any suggestions to new to me podcast that I ought to check out, please do tell!