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Coming home outfit

The coming home outfit.

I´m not sure if it´s a big deal outside of Norway, but in Norway it feels like it´s a must have, especially if you are a knitter! I didn´t know what to knit for our little one to wear when we come home from the hospital. I couldn´t quite find exactly what I wanted, but ended up putting together a set with different patterns.

I wanted to try a new yarn, so I chose Yaku from Ca Ma Rose, a fingering weight 100% superwash wool. It was a great knitting experience, and I would use it again for sure! We chose the colours yellow and blue, since I´m not a big fan of purely blue or pink depending on the sex of the baby. We are expecting a boy, but no need to go all blue. Everyone needs a little yellow in their life!

The patterns I´ve used for this outfit is:

Cardigan: Pilo Cardigan by Imke von nathusius. I love this pattern and this is my third cardigan made with this pattern. It´s knitted top down, which is my favorite way to knit cardigans and sweaters.

Romper/Playsuit: Little Emmas Playsuit by Knit By TrineP with a different textured pattern. I made a big mistake knitting this and had to rip back. I´m kind of happy that I did that mistake, because I wasn´t all that happy with the texture in the original pattern. So when I had to rip back, I decided to do something different and use the stitch I have used for a lot of socks in the past based on the Thuja socks by Bobby Ziegler. But everything else is knitted following the pattern for Little Emmas playsuit, and it was so clear and easy to follow. I blame the mistake I did in the beginning on my pregnant brain…

Bonnet: Anker´s bonnet by PetiteKnit. Also modified to match the playsuit.

Booties: Oh Baby ! Baby Booties by DoubleDiamondKnits

I´m so happy that this is done! Our baby is due in the end of October. And of course, he will also get a body and tights to go with this, but that is store bought and just plain white.

Have you knitted a coming home set either for your own baby or other people´s? What did you knit?




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