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December knitting

I´ve been saving some special yarn for December. The idea was to knit socks with them throughout the month. To make sure that I´d be able to knit with all of them, I allowed myself to cast on a new pair of socks each day, until all of my Christmas yarn was on the needles.

On November 30 I had gathered all my special yarns, and took a photo of it (wearing last years Christmas socks). Due to unexpected events in our familiy, I wasn´t able to cast on any socks until December 2nd, and then it became therapy). Trying to take my mind off troubling thoughts I dyed up a couple of skeins that same weekend, and ended up with yet another Christmas yarn. Or, two actually, but I´m saving one for the Little Bobbins Christmas Eve Cast on!



Today I was able to take a picture of my progress so far. 31199501430_35122aef93_k-2

So. I´ve got 5 pairs of socks on the needles. Working a little on one or more every day. It´s my knitting calendar if you will. I´m a bit short on Christmas themed project bags, so I´m keeping them all in the two bags I have.

The red/pink:

Pattern: Simple socks

Needle size: 2.0mm

Yarn: Maskepigen Kjell “Mord i nisseverkstedet” (Murder in Santas workshop)


The purple:

Pattern: Rye socks by TinCanKnits

Needle size: 2.25mm

Yarn: Opal Uni Solid 4 ply


The blue:

Pattern: Evergreen Socks by Madeline Gannon

Needle size: 2.5mm

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll solids, Heathers & Twists


The pale green multicoloured:

Pattern: Simple socks

Needle size: 2.25mm

Yarn: Maskepigen Kjell “Granbar & Reinsdyrneser” (Pine needles & Reindeer noses) and Filcolana Arwetta 138


The bright green multicoloured:

Pattern: Simple socks

Needle size: 2.25mm

Yarn: A wee bit knitty Tough Cookie (Yet to be named) and Filcolana Arwetta 138


I was going to say that December is all about the sock knitting…


But I had a hard time taking a photo of my sock projects, because, apparently, December is all about the dog…

…and I love him for it!




11 thoughts on “December knitting”

  1. Loved this post, with the ambitious projects and beautiful Gustav face!
    Merry Christmas, Lena. I’m trusting 2017 will be in all ways brighter than 2016.

  2. Sååå mange fine sokker det der kommer til og bli :-). Det er godt og ha strikkingen som terapi innimellom, helt nødvendig ;-). Herlig Gustavbilde også 🙂

  3. So many lovely socks on the needles, I’ve always wanted to try a dk weight sock and Rye looks like a lovely pattern. Knitting is such good therapy for troubled times, hope your troubled times are short lived. Gustav is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you. Rye looks lovely in both dk and fingering! And easy to remember. Our troubled times will fade into good memories with time. We lost “our” grandmother in the beginning of December. She wasn´t really my grandmother, but if felt like it. So… time will heal.

      Gustav is my best boy. I love him so much!

    1. Thank you! I love them too! And the yarn is so lush! Thank you for the well wishes. It was my boyfriends grandmother who passed away kind of suddenly Dec 1st, so it left us all a bit numb…

      Than you for telling me that my podcast is missed. It´s nice to hear. *hugs*

  4. Gustav nearly made me melt here… 😉
    Your socks are lovely, and the green yarn is beautiful ! I am sorry to hear that the family circumstances need therapy, I hope it will all work out well.

    1. He knows how to do it… 😉
      Thank you for your kind comment on my socks. Yes, things happen that one can not control. My boyfriends´grandmother died quite suddenly, and December has gone by in a numb state. I loved her dearly. She was my “adopted” granny, since I lost mine almost 10 years ago… But that´s life I guess. Thank you for your warm thoughts!

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