Ep. 11 – Knitting all the shawls…

Long time, no see… but I haven´t been lazy!


I´ve finished a giant shawl. What the Fade?! by Andrea Mowry. I used yarn from garnsurr.no.

I also finished the Osmosis for my mother.

I knitted myself a hat in Malabrigo Rios. I improvised as I went along and did a broken rib for the main part of the “body”.

I´ve started another crazy shawl! Speckle & Pop Shawl by Stephen West.

…and I´m test knitting a shawl for my friend. Under the bridge by Renate Dalmo.

I got some lovely new stitch markers from Victorian Studio Shop on Etsy and another issue of Laine Magazine.

I´ve drawn some prizes. (Thanks again for the donation of yarn dear podcast watcher who I don´t know if I can name!)

I´m talking about my future yarn choices. And showing you some of them. The post I´ve written on the subject is here: A new chapter…


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