Ep. 12 – When Gustav met Qarma

I´m podcasting in my PJs. Why not?

Show notes:

I´ve started a new project! Løvfallgenser by Strikkelisa. I´m knitting it in slaughter-free yarn from Izzy Lane.

My lovely bag is from Busy Pottering and inside I keep the Almost Ribbed Socks by louleigh.

I´m also working on a pair of simple socks in Opal yarn.

And allthough it´s dimly lit, I´m trying to show you my finished Under the bridge shawl by Renate Dalmo. (Click on the link to see a better photo!)

This podcast´s ethical yarn project is a pair of mittens I knitted for my mother. The pattern is

Roma Mittens by Matilda Kruse and I´ve used yarn from Hooligan yarns. And the name of the sheep who gave the yarn is Guthrie.

If you like dogs, you will enjoy the footage of Gustav and the puppy Qarma (Not our dog!)

And last but not least I´m showing you a book I got from a dear viewer. Hand made, recycled, hand dyed. It´s precious!


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