Ep. 13 – The one in front of the Christmas tree


I´m wearing the Løvfallgenser by Strikkelisa. This pattern is so far only in Norwegian. I knitted a size XL and it worked wonders with my firm knitting style. I´ve used slaughter-free yarn from Izzy Lane for this project and I loved it! I will be knitting more items with this yarn! For this project I used the colourway natural grey.

I´m working on:

Bellatrix cowl by Heidi Braacx using yarn from her store which you can find at veganyarn.com.

A pair of legwarmers called Mirry Dancers by Gudrun Johnston. I´m using yarn from a finnish hand dyer (Lanitium Ex Machina)

My last knitted work in progress is Gaïa by Marie Adeline Boyer. It´s a shawl pattern, but I´m gifting it as a baby blanket once it´s done. I´m using Malsen og Mor Shetland soft in the colourway skog for this project.

I also talked about my latest spinning project. I got a hold of washed fleece from Scruffydogyarn on Etsy, and I´m having a lot of fun with it! This wool comes from a pet sheep that will not end up as someone´s dinner. I have a big bag of this wool, so stay tuned to see what it will become!

I´m also raving about my beautiful bag from Busy Pottering on Etsy.

I also drew the last 4 winners of the 2017 gift making KAL. So if you participated with projects and/or chatter, you should have a look at this episode.

I´ve started a reading challenge and I´m continuing with the gift making KAL. Every craft can join, as long as you are making gifts. Go to the group on Ravelry to find out more!

1 thought on “Ep. 13 – The one in front of the Christmas tree”

  1. Hi Lena,
    your new episode came just in time. I lost my knitting mojo for severel months but just now I found it back so it was great to sit and knit and watch your episode 🙂
    Love to see your vegan-wool projects! And I your soycandle making in the end was great!
    Oh, green is also a neutral color for me. Just like yellow and red 🙂
    And great to hear that you enjoy playing the ukulele 🙂 I bought my husband an ukulele some time ago.. I should remember him about it or maybe try myself 🙂
    Looking forward to your next episode 🙂

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