Finishing all the socks!

On December 11 I showed you a picture of my December projects. Which was all about the socks (and dog…) Guess what? I actually finished all the 5 pairs of socks I cast on in the beginning of December before Christmas Eve!!! (If you are wondering about yarns, colourways, patterns and needles, check out my post about these socks.)







You might think I´m sick and tired of socks by now, but I´ve cast on a new pair, as a part of #lbkchristmasevesocks2016! Which is the highlight of the year. They could have gotten more attention, but we spent Christmas with family, including two children under the age of 3. So… there wasn´t much peace for knitting. But we had a lovely time. As I´d hoped, Gustav was a very good boy! Showed skills with both children and cats. And we went for long walks in the woods off leash. He was so exhausted after 2 days of Christmas fun, that he slept for a whole day afterwards… Poor lad. But, I have the bestest dog in the whole wide world!


2 thoughts on “Finishing all the socks!”

  1. Good to hear you’ve had such a lovely Christmas !
    And your socks look adorable !
    ( and, er… ‘finally’ finished five pairs ? I have finished exactly zero of the ones I have on the needles… )

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