Forgotten Garden

Lately I´ve been finding it hard to cast on new projects because I know I´ve got some unfinished “business” in my boxes. I would really like to cast on a new shawl project, but since I had three unfinished ones lying about. So I went into my box of UFOs and decided to at least finish one shawl. And I did! It really wasn´t all that bad, I don´t know why I put it aside, but I imagine I had exams coming up or something. This shawl was started in September 2013. And finished April 2015. Well… better late than never!


This is Forgotten Garden Shawl by Rose Beck knitted in Rauma Mitu which is a 50% wool, 50% alpaca blend. This yarn is a slightly heavier yarn than the pattern called for and I knitted the medium size on 5mm/US8 Interchangeable Knit Pro Nova needles. I just weighed the shawl, and it is 275g, which means that I used pretty much exactly 600 yards or 5.5 skeins for this shawl. This turned out to be a big shawl, – just the way I like it! I have not yet decided if this will be a gift or if I should just keep it. It´s getting to warm for these types of shawls, so I´ll just put it away for now and see what happens next.


Since it was a “I have to get this finished” kind of project, it wasn´t as enjoyable as it could have been. But that is all my fault and not the pattern. This was a great pattern, easy to follow and it was fairly easy to spot if you had made a mistake. I love patterns that allow you to see the mistakes before you have knitted half the row and find out that the pattern doesn´t add up at the end. It´s a pay for pattern, and it´s worth the $5. I might knit this again at a later time!

Now I´m trying to motivate myself to finish my two other shawls; a Canopy and a Clothilde. Right now Clothilde does seem to whisper to me, so maybe I should go get her and see if I can finish her too!


I went outside to take the pictures of the shawl this morning, and I brought Gustav with me to a field nearby. At the time it was nice and quiet, because we got up quite early. The only thing we could hear was the birds singing, and we had such a nice time!



…and Gustav looked like this most of the time: “Play?” And so, we did!



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  1. Hi Lena, just saw your new blog. Wonderful! Both of your shawls are beautiful! Handspun! Dreamy! The socks are splendid! Gustav is as handsome as ever! All the best!

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