Handmade wardrobe pieces, Knitting

Handmade wardrobe pieces

As I mentioned in my previous post, I´ve been trying to be mindful as to what I´m knitting for myself. There are pieces in my wardrobe that I hardly ever use, because of colour choices or fit, and that feels somewhat like wasted knitting time. Also, I don´t have enough closet space to store all those pieces.

In this post I want to tell you how I´ve tried to keep track of the things I want to knit for myself. To get an idea of what I wanted to knit, I needed to do more than just keep adding things to my favorites on Ravelry. As I´m writing this,  I have 1838 favorites on Ravelry, and that is definitely NOT the way to keep focus! And the queue option didn´t work for me either.

The solution for me was to use the bundles feature on Ravelry. I´ve been using bundles for a while now, and that helps a lot as far as organizing goes. So I decided to make a bundle for my future selfish knits, and that has worked very well. I can keep favorites in different bundles at once, so even if they are featured in my Handmade wardrobe pieces bundle, I can still find cardigans in my cardigan bundle, and sweaters in my sweater bundle and so on. I´m also adding notes on what kind of yarns and colours I´m thinking of using for the different projects. In some cases I´ve even tried to work out the yardage and number of skeins I´ll need. This makes it easier to plan ahead.  Especially if I find myself in a yarn store, or stumble across a yarn sale online. I also find it easier to find a use for my stash yarn.

                             A screen shot of my Handmade wardrobe pieces bundle.

I have noticed that many of my future knits are going to be gray, but I have a lot of colourful shawls that I know I will use a lot because I never leave home without a shawl 8 out of 12 months of the year. But I´ll try to add some colour pops along the way. In the more distant future I want to sew more things for myself, and that will probably make it a bit easier to add some colour and make it a bit more cohesive.

As I mentioned, I have started on a project and I´m currently knitting on Yakushima by Justyna Lorkowska. Since this is a cardigan, I can start to wear it as soon as I´m done knitting it. I´ll tell you more about that project in a later post.

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    1. Please do! It´s really inspiring to have future and just inspiring knits somewhat categorized. I feel like it´s a lot easier to use my favorite liberary on Ravelry now than it was earlier.

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