Baby knits

“Have you knitted anything for the baby…?”

Well… judging by this pile I have knitted quite a few things for the wee one…

In the beginning I found it to be hard to knit for the baby, because I was afraid something would happen. But a good friend of mine talked me into it, and convinced me that I wouldn´t jinx anything by knitting baby clothes because I do not have that kind of power of the universe. I started by finishing a long lingering blanket project made with the stitch I use in my Little Ivanhoe pattern. Once that was done, it was easier to knit little clothing pieces. I´ve not just knitted the smallest sizes, some of the clothes are in 6 months size, just because as far as I´ve heard, the first few weeks goes by so fast, and I don´t want to end up with a lot of clothes that will never be used because they are outgrown too fast.

Some patterns are great looking with the baby inside of it. Like Non Stop Top by Torunn Espe. So I´ll wait to show of the two tops I´ve knitted from this pattern. (Will knit more though! It´s a great mindless knit!)

Other patterns are very photogenic, baby or not. So I´ll show some of those, because when I posted this picture on Instagram I got the feeling that a lot of people wondered what kind of patterns I have knitted.

I posted the coming home outfit yesterday, so I´m not doing a recap of that but here are some of the stuff I have knitted that look presentable on their own:

Milo by Georgie Nicolson. I´ve knitted a lot of these vests and I love the pattern! I´ve gotten a lot of great feedback from the recipients, and knew I wanted to knit this pattern for my own baby. I will knit more of these for sure. This one is knitted in two strands of Filcolana Arwetta in the colorway 135 on 3.5mm needles. I could have used 4mm needles for this vest, but I couldn´t find them and the urge was too great in the heat of the moment…

Honeybug Romper by Ainur Berkimbayeva. This was such a fun knit! I love how it is constructed, and the yarn I chose was amazing to knit with! I will be knitting this one again for sure! And you should try it too! I know a lot of people swear to button openings in the crotch, but some patterns you just can not not knit! I used Dale Eco Wool in the colorway 1204 for this. And when I started this, I had found my 4mm needles, so this one is knitted on those.

A big favorite: Pilo Cardigan by Imke von nathusius. Knitted in Garnstudio Drops Fabel from stash. In a gorgeous blue colorway: 103. I´ve also knitted pair of Elinor’s Bloomers by PetiteKnit in Dale Alpakka. They are so cute, but looks a bit small (but what do I know?), so I will hold on knitting more of these until I can see for myself if it´s a good fit or not.

I just love how this romper looks, and can´t wait to see a baby in it. The pattern is from a danish designer Knitwedo and it´s called Bark romper. She has a lot of other amazing patterns too, so take a look at her web page. I hope she´ll put all her patterns out on Ravelry, because it´s so much easier to plan future knits when I can add them to different bundles on Ravelry.  The color is quite hard to take pictures of, but it´s a greenish grey color. I forgot to write down the colorway, but the yarn is Karmin Supersoft.


I´ve also knitted:

Balloon Baby Pants by Ingrid Aartun Bøe in Schachenmayr Regia Tweed Trend & Classic

Puffy Romper by Anne-Sophie Velling in Schachenmayr Regia Fashion

Snonings romper by Anne-Sophie Velling in Sandnes Alpakka (Tweed)

Little Sister’s Romper by PetiteKnit in The Urban Purl

Baby Romper by Charlotte Kaae in Izzy Lane

Vinterkysa by Heidi Pettersen in Schachenmayr Regia Fashion

Anker’s Bonnet by PetiteKnit in Pickles Pure Wool

Alvin’s romper by Tine Johnsrud in Dale Eco Wool

Maybe you found something to knit for a baby in your life?





2 thoughts on ““Have you knitted anything for the baby…?””

  1. Those rompers looks so cute ! As does the Ivanhoe pattern. And the rest…
    You sure have been knitting a lot, wow…
    Hope you are feeling well and such, with all the changes going on in your body, and enjoy it all.

    1. Thank you José! I´ve been knitting quite a lot during the spring/summer months. It´s super nice to feel that I can enjoy knitting again. I´m feeling fine, I suspect I have an easy pregnancy. And I´m happy for that.

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