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I´m spinning again!

It´s been a long time since I´ve done any spinning. But the other day I had a look at one of my favourite spinning fibre sites Hilltop Cloud, not because I need fibres, – I have plenty, but because I needed inspiration. And it came! I instantly fell in love with two braids. One in gorgeous pink and purple tones with splash of other colours as well, and one in the colour of early autumn. So I ordered those. Because I couldn´t resist.

30516265920_227bbf739e_kThe pink one is a 50/50 Merino and Tussah Silk blend, and the green one is 75/25 Superwash BFL and Ramie. They are both supersoft! The pink was wonderful to spin, – I haven´t tried the green yet, but I suspect it will be equally lovely.


I started off with the pink braid and my Ashford E-spinner last weekend, and by the end of Sunday, I had my first yarn in months! I love that feeling!

30780889996_2d05de3bf3_kI decided to make a 2 ply yarn, so I spun two bobbins with 50g each. It didn´t seem like much yarn on the bobbins, but I turned out to be a good deal of yarn!

30516558470_2b01d8d52b_kI felt a little out of practice, but I managed to end up with a lovely and soft skein of app. 450meters. I don´t have a specific plan for this skein, but I´m sure I´ll think of something at some point. Right now, I´m just so happy to be in the spinning game again! I had hoped to do some spinning this weekend, but I´ve done some painting around the house, and we had a snow blizzard that made the power go out, so we ended up reading by candlelight and curling up in front of the fireplace instead. Whitch was just as cozy as spinning!




5 thoughts on “I´m spinning again!”

  1. Love reading all the things you post here Lena. I don’t comment much but I appreciate the photos and to see what you are working on. x

  2. Nydelig garn! Så artig at du spinner igjen! jeg begynte å spinne på grunn av din veldig inspirerende podcast ? nå har jeg holdt på i to år.

  3. Begge deler ? liker best min kromski fantasia, men har også en reiserokk. Akkurat nå har jeg litt dilla på håndtein igjen? veldig artig å se at du spinner igjen!?

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