I´ve been at it again!

Today is the last day of summer break. Tomorrow it´s all about work! I´m kind of looking forward to getting back to normal life again, but still…

This weekend I did some dyeing! Thomas went off to help a friend move, and once again I took it as a sign. I had 15 skeins of 75% wool 25% nylon yarn to play with. And I did!IMG_1283

Last time I saw my mother, she wanted me to dye up 5 skeins of orange for her, because she would love to knit a sweater with my yarn. So I did that. She will not go unnoticed in this colour… But she said she loved it! And I can´t wait to see the sweater!



I also had some fun mixing some colours together before adding them to the pot. That gave me this lovely pinkish colour that I like a lot more than I thought I would… The cuteness is growing on me!


IMG_1282Had to dye some more of my yellow colourway, just because I could!



This colourway turned out waaaay different than I had imagined, but I love it! And I know what I did, so I think I might try to copy this the next time i dye!



Yet another test. Needs a little of tweaking, but I have a good feeling about this! 



Words can´t describe how green this yarn is… It´s like… straight out of Ghost Busters!



Another experiment. I really like the colours in this skein. Might try this again.



I love this colourway! Will be making it again!



I experimented some more. And this happened. Cute!


I love dyeing! Squee!

…but now I´m off to bed. My alarm is set for 0515 tomorrow! Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “I´ve been at it again!”

  1. Wow ! I especially like the green/ghostbusters one and the speckled one, you did an amazing job again ! And how lovely that your mum is going to knit a sweater or your yarn, you must be a really proud couple there 🙂

    Hope you’ll enjoy going back to normal, good luck with the first schooldays !

    1. Thank you for those kind words! I´m so proud that she wanted to knit a sweater, and I can hardly wait to see it! Back to school has been great so far, thank you!

  2. Your skeins are beautiful, Lena!
    Hope, you had a good start and you managed to get up in time 😉
    Looking also forward to pictures of your mom’s sweater 🙂
    Have a nice week!

    1. Thank you!
      I´ve been up at 5 or 5.15 every day this week, and I´m bursting with energy so far. My fellow teachers thinks I´m a bit weird getting up so early, but it is the best part of the day, so personally I don´t mind. I´m looking forward to her sweater as well! She will look great in that colour! I hope you had a nice week too, and that the next one will be wonderful as well!

      1. I think, getting up early is great! Especially if there is a sunset included 😀
        I wish I could manage to go earlier to sleep, so I could get up also earlier. Well, one day I will succeed 🙂
        Thank you for asking, my week was very sunny and very good, too 🙂

        1. Early mornings are the best. I love a good sunrise! We have had a lot of fog lately, but that is beautiful in it´s own way!

          1. haha, I just saw that I wrote “sunset”… 🙂 Of course I meant sunrise, but I see your knew what I meant 🙂

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