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Inspirational knitting podcasts

I really enjoy watching knitting podcasts while I knit, and I have gotten some questions as to who I´m following. I find new podcast each week, and here is my current “one to watch” list in no particular order, maybe there are some that are new to you that you can check out?

I also listen to:


I think that was all. I try my best to keep up, but sometimes life gets in the way. But now that summer break is upon me, I will be able to catch up and I´m looking forward to that!

Sometimes I feel like I´m living under a rock, so if you have any suggestions to new to me podcast that I ought to check out, please do tell!



4 thoughts on “Inspirational knitting podcasts”

  1. I just found your video blog. It is inspiring! I’ve seen episode 1-3 and am loving it!! Keep up the great work. Your English is perfect. i love that u show what your mom has knitted

    1. Thank you Toni! For reasons I don´t feel like sharing here, there will be no more podcasts from me in the future. (I´ve explained it in the podcast group on ravelry…) I will instead try to get my blog up and going. The podcast episodes will be removed some time after July 15, so if you want to watch the rest, this is the time. Love, Lena

  2. Hi Lena. This is a bit of self-promotion, but we did want to let you know about the Fruity Knitting Podcast. My wife Andrea is a very accomplished knitter, very fond of Fair Isle knitting and a big fan of Alice Starmore. I’m a beginner – two pairs of socks and one hat completed, and now working on a hiking jacket. Each episode also includes an interview with a designer, dyer or yarn producer.

    We’ve just released Episode 12 which featured an interview with Felicity Ford – also known as KNITSONIK. We also have Jeni Reid as guest in our segment “Knitters of the World”.

    We would be really touched if you came to check us out.

    Cheers, Andrew and Andrea.

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