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Leftover knits: Wool diaper cover

Remember the cardigan I talked about a few posts back? Well, it´s done and is currently drying after a wash. I will be making a post about it once it is dry and photographed. I bought some extra balls of yarn for that project so that I would be sure to have enough. Turns out I had plenty.

This photograph is from the web shop where I bought my yarn,

When it was all done I had a little more than 3 balls left. I really didn´t mind, because this is one of the loveliest yarns I have ever knitted with, and I had decided whilst knitting on the cardigan that I would knit something for the baby if I had any left after finishing that project. My pattern of choice was a Wool diaper cover/soaker I have knitted once before. It´s a Norwegian pattern called Leine baby – bleiebukseIt´s knitted flat and then seamed together once it´s done. I think it´s knitting it flat that makes me feel like this is a fun knit. I used 3.5mm needles and knitted the ribbing 2 cm longer.

The pattern doesn´t specify where to put in the holes for the i-cord, so I´m adding my notes for that part here. At least I´ll have good use of them! It´s not an exact number of stitches between each hole, but close enough for my taste. Note: knit the stitches in the established ribbing pattern.

First ribbing: 3, make hole, 6, make hole, 7,make hole, 6,make hole, 7, make hole, 6, make hole, 7, make hole, 6, make hole, 3

Second ribbing: 3, make hole, 7, make hole, 7,make hole, 7,make hole, 3

I´m generally not a fan of sewing my knitting, but I found a few videos from Purl Soho that showed me how to do the mattress stitch in both stockinette and garter stitch, and once I had a closer look at those, seaming was not a problem at all! Here are the links to seaming garter stitch and seaming stockinette stitch.

Once the seaming is done, all you have to do is add a bit of ribbing for the legs and an I-cord. I knitted the ribbing two rounds longer than the pattern called for. And there you have it. A cute little baby diaper cover. It will be lanolized before it´s put to use of course.

I still have two balls of yarn left. They will become a hat I think. But I´m also thinking about knitting a pair of nursing pads. They don´t need to be all white do they?

8 thoughts on “Leftover knits: Wool diaper cover”

  1. What a cute diaper cover !
    Aren’t you afraid you will create a little yarn addict whom you’ll have to knit all the things when she/he grows up ? 😉

    1. Thank you Suzette. Making little things is a nice way to mentally prepare myself for what´s to come. I will show off a bit more of what I have knitted in future posts!

  2. Nursing pads don’t need to all be white… but this is the voice of experience warning you that the milk + darker wool will give your milk receptacle stuck on fuzz the color of the wool! ?
    (my baby and I decided we didn’t mind dark blue & dark green fuzz, but I did find out the answer to the question!)

    The plus side of the handmade wool pads was that I could triple or quadruple them in the early weeks when I was a veritable lactating fountain ?

    Best of luck on this glorious adventure!


    1. Good to know! And thank you!
      I´ve bought some in cotton, but I wanted to make some in wool to make sure I stay warm enough. I have tried the white ones I´ve knitted next to skin, so that will work too. But my original thought was to have the cotton next to skin, and the wool as an extra layer. But what do I know?! ?

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