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Mitten gift tags

Hello again!

My posts aren´t as regular as I´d like, but life is such that this is how it´s going to be right now. Documenting my creative endevours in picture form is hard due to gloomy weather and the fact that I´m hardly ever home before the sun sets.

Well, enough about that.



Yesterday I made a few gift tags for future Christmas presents. I love how cute the little mittens are, and they are so easy to decorate with whatever you want. I´ve used my favourite black pen and Derwent Watercolour pencils. If you haven´t tried the latter you should. You colour as usual, and blend the colour afterwards with a wet pencil. I absolutely love the effect! My pupils used regular colouring pencils and stickers. And I would imagine that some quality colouring markers would be great as well! I´m on a gift tag high, and aim to make these tags for all my Christmas presents! If you want to make them as well, I´ve made a PDF with four mittens. If you have a printer that can print heavyer paper you can just do that. (I´ve used 135g/m2 paper for these tags, and allthough it could have been thicker, it works just fine.). If you have a sensitive printer that don´t like to work with that kind of paper, you can cut out one mitten and use it to trace it on a heavyer paper. My pupils did, because our printer at school can´t stand anyting but the standard copy paper… *sigh*

If you chose to let yourself be inspired by my mittens, please tell me. I´d love to have a look!

Click here to get to the mitten PDF!



8 thoughts on “Mitten gift tags”

  1. Your mittens gift tags are beautiful!
    Thank you very much for the pdf, Lena 🙂

    I don’t mind, that you can’t post regularly. I like to read about all your creative hobbies and will enjoy your post, when you have time to write them 🙂

  2. You have a lovely blog Lena, and I really enjoy your posts no matter hoe infrequent they are…….it’s a busy time for all of us at this time of year I think. The little mitten gift tag is lovely, thank you for sharing it, I think I may use it to tag my gifts in one of my swaps.

  3. Lena, I’m home sick today and just hanging out with my iPad. I thought of you and how I miss your podcast, but remembered you have a blog! So I searched around and found it. What fantastic mitt gift tags! Thank you! I’ve subscribed now so I’ll know when you post. Don’t worry about how often. Let posting be a joy and not a chore. We have too much of those 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for that lovely comment, and for taking time to write one. It´s so nice to feel like there is someone out there reading my posts. I´m happy to hear that you like my mitten tags! I hope you´ll be well soon. Lots of love. Lena & Gustav.

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