More dyeing experiments!

I´m back. And on a dyeing high again. Yesterday I cleared out the kitchen again and dyed 10 hanks of sock yarn! Some of them I dyed in pairs, or in a similar colour, so I´ll just show you one picture of each colorway. Here´s how my third dyeing adventure went!


I had decided to see if I could copy my yellow skein from my second dyeing adventure. I loved how that turned out, and I think I came pretty close. This is a tad more saturated, but I love it! (This time I remembered to write down just how much dye powder I added to my mix. Bonus points for me!) 28167564093_39492c7032_kI wanted to see what the technique I used on the yellow skein would look like in another colour. Turned out nice I think! I will be trying it on other colours as well!
28164914504_b0d41514b9_kThis colourway I dyed up three times. Just because I liked it so much! So I guess I managed to copy that as well! Yay!
28167565123_680d12fc5f_kThis skein was a result of two skeins in the pot at once. I had planned it to be just pink and green. But I lost control with two hanks in the pot. I will try and see if I can make something similar, but I really have no idea. 
28750717376_9cb4127874_kYet another skeins that is a result of me loosing control. Once again I put two hanks in the pot, and once again I put in too little colour. I love the result though! …but I´ll have to experiment on how to copy that.


This is a skein where I just went for it, and put in some left over colours. It´s a OOAK (one of a kind) for sure. But turned out kind of cool!


This is the reason why I´m so happy I managed to recreate my yellow skein and my purple and yellow skein. Don´t they look great together??? I´m expecting some 100% wool yarn any day now, and my plan is to dye up enough of these to make myself a shawl! I´ll have to work trough a few UFO´s before I start another shawl though…noste

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    1. Thank you! I really really reeeeeally like that pairing of skeins too. It´s going to be hard to wait until I´ve finished some WIPs. I want to play with it like, now! 😉

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