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My Shetland Adventure

IMG_1204A few weeks ago, my friend Lena showed me, and some other people on a small Facebook knitting group I´m a member of, this shawl. It was quickly decided that we should do a KAL in the beginning of August. (It´s a very informal along, I think the start date is pretty much it.) The pattern is called My Shetland Adventure, and it´s written by Dieuwke van Mulligen. I´m trying to be good and not buy too much yarn, so I decided to have a look through my stash to see if I could find something. Since I´ve been good and added most of my stash to Ravelry, it was easy to have a look. (Yay for my organisation skills!) The shawl is a rustic looking shawl, and I decided that Transylvanian merino from Moeke Yarns would look nice as the main colour, and that I would use Skarv from Lofoten Wool on the extra layer part.

The Transylvanian merino is from Romania, and made using old traditional techniques. I bought it at a Norwegian online store called godsomull.com.  I´m really excited to finally have a project for this yarn! The Lofoten Wool was gifted to me by a friend. This yarn is made from Norwegian sheep living in the north of Norway. I believe that you can buy the yarn a few places in Norway, or online.  The pattern calls for three colours, but I´m just going to use these two colours. I´ve never knitted with any of the yarns before, so that makes this knitting project extra special.

So, this is what will be my main knitting focus this week. I´ll get back to you when I have some progress! Wish me luck!


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  1. Hi there,
    I understand that it is two full years since you posted this pattern. But I just discovered it in ravelry. I have a couple of skeins of the same Lofoten yarn that I bought on a trip to Norway last year. Including traveling to the Lofoten islands. It is a beautiful treasure. Looking for a great way to use it. You don’t say how much yarn you used Of each yarn. I would love to hear from you with more details about the amount of yarn required. Maybe you don’t know anymore.

    1. Hello Karen. If I haven´t written it on Ravelry, I don´t have the information for you. So sorry about that!
      Wonderful to hear that you enjoyed Lofoten. I´ve never been, but I´d love to one day!

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