Pink yarn & coffee

17157423809_3c86c18d42_kSpring is coming!!!

…and here I am. Still knitting socks…

I´m currently in the process of updating some of my patterns, and decided that I wanted to knit and modify my Synneva sock pattern this weekend. I had almost decided on and started the socks when I remembered that I had a sock calendar package to open. Inside was the most delicious pink Arwetta Classic, so I just knew I had to knit the socks with that yarn.  As I have mentioned several times on my podcast, this is one of my favorite sock yarns. I have heard people talking about it beeing splitty, but I haven´t experienced that. It might be a needles + yarn issue. I´m using my Chiaogoo RED 32″ (80 cm) 2.5mm circular needles for this project. Still really enjoying these needles for magic loop! I bought mine at The Sassy Sheep on Etsy, as I have yet to find anyone that sells this brand in Norway.

For those of you that haven´t heard about the sock calendar before, it´s basically 12 packages, one for each month during 2015. I got the idea from the JuniperGraceTube podcast, but I exchanged calendar with a good knitting friend of mine, Wims, so she made me 12 secret sock yarn packages and she got 12 from me. So this year the first of each month is always happy times!

When I have added the mods to the pattern it will once again be available in my Ravelry shop. I´m hoping that I will be able to add the revised version of both Synneva and the Tiril socks during this week. If I managed to get that done, I will let you know!




7 thoughts on “Pink yarn & coffee”

  1. Oh, I love the photo!!!
    Your socks are great, too, of course 🙂
    I knitted my socks during the last year only with circular needles, but right now I am in the dpn-mood 😉

    1. Thank you! I bet my neighbour was wondering what I was up to in the garden… 😛

      I used to love my dpns, but now it´s all about the circulars. But I bet I´ll change my mind at some point and go back to dpns 😉

    1. ohps, sent to early…
      My neighbours are always wondering, why I am knitting things because I can also buy socks 😛

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