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Selfish knitting and new knitting needles

Since I´ve got a good sized pile of baby knits, I´m allowing myself to knit on more selfish knits. I knitted myself a cardigan a few weeks back, and this is my selfish knit number two during this pregnancy. They have both been carefully planned using my previously mentioned Handmade Wardrobe pieces bundle. This is Eri by Isabell Kraemer, a pattern I fell completely in love with when I got the Laine issue 4 in the mail. I love most things in the Laine magazines, so I was about time to start a project from one of them!

I´m using DSA Sterk in a new colorway 885. An amazing dusty blue. DSA came out with quite a few new colors this fall, and I´d love to knit myself some more sweaters or cardigans using some of the other ones.

(Screenshot from www.dustorealpakka.no)

I´ve actually knitted a swatch for both of my Handmade Wardrobe projects (yay me!), and ended up using 3.75mm needles on this project.

…and speaking of needles, I upgraded my Chiaogoo needle set with larger sizes in the hopes that I will always have the needles I need when I need them. (It all depends on if I manage to put them back once I´m done with them…) Right now I don´t have that many bigger needles, and the once I have are not good to knit with and have wires with kinks… And that does not make this knitter happy!!!So an upgrade it was. And since I´ve read that one can use the spin wires for the interchangeable metal needles, I decided to try that as well. If you want to buy this set, note that the small set ranges from  2.75 mm to 5 mm but does for some reason not include the 3mm needle size. And the large set ranges from 5.5 mm to 10 mm, but does not include the 7mm and 7.5mm needle size. For some weird reason. I bought these sizes extra. And an adapter so I can use the big needles with the small wires as well.

If you live in Norway you can buy the set from bladetgarn.no. I bought the large set from them. But when I bought my small size set I ordered from purlescence.co.uk. They  have a lot of other needles and extras from Chiaogoo as well. They have very reasonable shipping and fast delivery so they can be highly recommended! Since I bought my sets in two goes, I had two needle cases. So I put them together in one case and I will try to put my fixed Chiaogoo needles that I use for magic loop sock knitting into this case as well to keep all my goodies in one place. (I have 2.0mm, 2.25mm and 2.5mm fixed needles for sock knitting).

What is your favorite knitting needle brand? Do you prefer metal or wood or does it depend on your project/yarn?

2 thoughts on “Selfish knitting and new knitting needles”

  1. Oh..I can see why you love Eri ! Seems like quite a complicated knit with all those cables, at least far from mindless..
    Somehow I tend to stick to KnitPro needles, even though I don’t like how the cables get all circly ( but it seems they have new cables now ) and I’ve already snapped my fair share of the wooden 3mm ones… But 3mm is my most used needle for sweaters and I like how smooth the point from needletip to cable is, something I was a bit disappointed in with the HiyaHiya’s..

    1. It´s soooo pretty! It´s really not complicated, I use a row counter to keep track of where I am. And on the middle part of the pattern I write with a pencil the new numbers the rows will get once the pattern is repeated multiple times. I thought it would be hard to know where I am because you need to keep track on 4 charts, but this works wonderful. I haven´t tried the HiyaHiya needles, but I agree that a smooth join is important. That´s why I don´t like the Knit Pro Zings. (Love the dpns though)

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