Knitting, Spin the yarn

Spin the yarn, knit the shawl

16437241043_23365bf50e_kIt is finally done! A shawl I started working on in September. The reason why it has taken quite some time is not because the pattern is particularly hard or boring. The reason is because I spun the yarn myself.

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It all started with 4oz of Polwarth Combed Top from Phonenix Fiber Co in the colorway Cherry Blossom. Once I had spun that I knew I had to make a shawl.

I searched for a pattern that could fit, and got a lot of help from some of my podcast viewers. I ended up choosing the pattern Piper´s Journey by Paula Emons-Fuessle. Once I had decided on that, I wanted some neutral yarn to make the applied edge. So I bought some undyed Polwarth from Hipstrings and spun that too. The shawl hibernated while I got around to spinning, plying and caking that. Once that was done, I had to get the urge to continue knitting on it. And finally the urge came! The result is a huge shawl, knitted a bit bigger than the pattern says, because I wanted to use as much of the colored fiber as possible.


The shawl is knitted on 4.0/US6 Knit pro Nova interchangeable needles, which worked well with this project. The total weight of the shawl is app. 190grams.


For those of you who is wondering if you should try spinning, I have to say that you really should! The act of spinning is really meditative, and the feeling one gets when knitting with a handspun yarn that YOU made is hard to describe! Such a great experience!



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