Spin the yarn

My turkish love…

Late last night I decided to put my knitting aside and get out my brand new Turkish Spindle from Kjerringrokk. My spinning guru friend Marianne was so kind to buy one for me at a spinning retreat she went to earlier this year. I could have bought one online, but since she has lots of experience, I really wanted her to find me a good one. And she did!

IMG_6443This little beauty weighs 21g and is made out of Norwegian birch! I picked one of the lovely fuzzlings from Fondant Fibre which is a really nice amount of wool to use for these kinds of “just going to try a little bit” spinning projects. Then I looked through a couple of YouTube videos and gave the spindle a try. And it was so much fun! The spindle spins really well, and I kind of got fixed on winding it up as even as I could, so it would look pretty…


Just look at that fun little turtle shell shaped ball! I´m so excited!

Needless to say, what was supposed to be an hour and a half spin before bedtime ended up beeing a lot longer project. I didn´t get to bed until the fuzzling was gone…
IMG_6451So. Can you guess what I´m up to now? I just have to eat some breakfast and then I´m going to find one of the polwarth sample box braids from Greenwood Fiberworks that I bought in February.

I´m spending my Sunday with my turkish love.