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A knitted baby blanket

There are quite a few of my friends that are expecting babies or have just had a baby, and as a knitter I think it is nice to make something for them. This project has been in the works since the end of April, and was actually a quick knit, but I got distracted along the way. I decided it was time to finish the project when the little one arrived last week. So this got all my attention all day yesterday, and it´s done and  currently drying and waiting to be documented and wrapped.

I used Drops Nepal from stash (I will weigh the blanket once it´s dry and add yardage to this post) and 5mm needles for this blanket.

The pattern is “I ly” (roughly translated to “shelter”) from the book Nordic by Trine Frank Påskesen. She is a danish designer, but the book has recently been translated to Norwegian. There are a lot of lovely patterns in this book, and I will most likely be knitting a lot more from this book in the future. Including more blankets like this one, because it really is easy to memorize, and on big needles it works up so fast! (If you don´t get distracted…) This book was gifted to me, but it would be on my wish list if it hadn´t been. I got to be a part of the copyediting on this book, and I have never read knitting patterns as thoroughly in my  life and it made me want to knit several patterns from the book because they seemed clear and also the designs are beautiful.

Do you have a go to pattern or patterns for gift knits?

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Knitting inspiration

I got some wonderful surprises in my message box on Ravelry this month! Pattern gifts from several Ravelry friends! My birthday was on April 6th and since then I have had little surprises waiting for me every week! These patterns are my knitting inspiration and what I use to motivate myself to finish some of my UFOs… I´ve decided that I have too many projects tucked away, and I need to deal with some of them before I cast on something new. I can´t wait to cast on the following projects, but not until some of my UFOs are finished objects! But there´s no harm in showing you my inspiration and talk about some yarn choices, is it?

A hap for Harriet

A Hap for Harriet by Kate Davies from Sabine/FaserKiste. (Photo: © Kate Davies Designs)

I love the look of this shawl! I have several yarns in the stash that I think will look nice in this pattern. I find it hard to find something to use my lace yarns for, but this might be the pattern! I´ve got some Rowan Fine Lace in a nice mustardy yellow, some TuLLiBaLL Strå in a blueish color and I also have a midnight blue skein of Eden Cottage Yarns Theseus Lace. Ah… decisions!


Camilla Shawl by Carrie Bostick Hoge from Maureen/Irish

I saw this shawl on JuniperGraceTube and I immediately fell in love. I probably don´t have the right weight in my stash, so I have no idea what I want to knit this in. I have knitted a pattern from this designer before, Camilla babe, which I loved! So I just know that this will be a fun knit!


Konnor & River´s hat

Konnor & River’s Hat by Becky Foster from Angelika/Angiie1971 (Photo: © Becky Foster)

This hat has been in my queue for some time and I completely forgot about it, but when I saw it on the Knittingdish podcast, I had to move it up on my to-knit list! Such a beautiful hat. No idea what yarn this will be knitted in, but it will be knitted for sure!


Mary Mead by Andi Satterlund from Barbi/iKnit1Purl2 (Photo: © Andi Satterlund)

I have been searching for “the right” cardigan pattern for some time. I got two skeins of Kauni in a lovely pine green color in my Christmas Calendar last year, and I think they will look lovely in a cardigan. I wear a lot of dresses, so I think this type of cardi is just what I´m looking for! I have two cardigans in my UFO box, so I´ll try to finish them before I cast on this one… *sigh*


Clairmore Cowlette by Corrina Ferguson from Melanie/mad79 (Photo: © PicnicKnits)

I found this cowlette when I was looking for patterns that could work with handspun yarn. I like the combination of cowl and shawl, because I find that small shawlettes often fall off my neck if I don´t pay attention. But with a cowlette that won´t be any problem. And I think this pattern looks so simple and sweet!



Diana’s Quiver by Ellen M. Silva from Melinda/Yarnderwoman (Photo: © Ellen M. Silva)

These socks will most likely look lovely in any kind of solid or semi solid color, and I´m pondering about using the Opal Hagebutte which is NOT a calm yarn. But I think it could be fun to try.

Thank you so much to everyone for these lovely birthday gifts! They are all so lovely! And you are all so so sweet!

Tip: It took me some time to figure out how you can make a wish list on Ravelry. If you add a pattern to your queue you can tick the box that says “Include this Ravelry Download PDF on my wish list”, and you will add the pattern to a seperate wish list, as well as your queue. I love this feature, because I tend to put way to much things in my queue in the spur of the moment, and find, at a later time, that I for some reason didn´t feel that this was a pattern I would like to knit. If you make a wish list, anyone who feels like doing a random act of kindness, be it your birthday or just any day knows what you want!

Skjermbilde 2015-04-18 kl. 10.25.47

Now… back to my UFO knitting…