The big box of sock shame…

I have this box that I don´t like to think too much about… It all started when I thought it was a good idea to cast on new sock projects when I was only half done with my current sock project… But have the big box of sock shame taught me anything? No. I still feel the urge to cast on new socks. Just the other day I decided that I should finish some of my sock wips. But now, when I´m close to finishing a pair of socks, I already feel the need to cast on a new pair… And if I keep knitting one sock and then casting on a new one without finishing the complete pair, this box will never be empty! I wouldn´t call it second sock syndrome, because I do want to knit the socks. It´s just that I want to knit all the socks at once!

The upside? When I do pick up a sock from this box, I only need to knit one sock to have a full pair…

Anyone else have a box of never ending sock wips?

Knitting, Spin the yarn

Handspun socks? I made it!

Ok, so I tried to take a nice photo my socks fresh off the needles, but failed. I partly blame my dog, who tried to eat my toes in the process… But here they are, my first ever handspun socks! And I love them!

Ok, let´s talk facts:

I think I spun the yarn some time in spring 2015. I started the socks in July 2015… That´s almost 2 years ago… so about time the socks got finished! I´m so pleased with this project! The wool was bought from Tante Ull. I believe it´s a merino/nylon mix, but I have long since lost the card with the info… So… the facts are a bit blurry…

But, I know the yarn is a 3-ply, I used 2.5mm needles, and the pattern is called Monkey Socks by Cookie A. It has this nice pattern throughout the socks that is easy to remember. The yarn is a bit busy, and the pattern is a bit lost in the yarn, but it kept it interesting. So totally worth it!

But I did a grafted toe…

…and my usual heel.

And that was that.




Finishing all the socks!

On December 11 I showed you a picture of my December projects. Which was all about the socks (and dog…) Guess what? I actually finished all the 5 pairs of socks I cast on in the beginning of December before Christmas Eve!!! (If you are wondering about yarns, colourways, patterns and needles, check out my post about these socks.)







You might think I´m sick and tired of socks by now, but I´ve cast on a new pair, as a part of #lbkchristmasevesocks2016! Which is the highlight of the year. They could have gotten more attention, but we spent Christmas with family, including two children under the age of 3. So… there wasn´t much peace for knitting. But we had a lovely time. As I´d hoped, Gustav was a very good boy! Showed skills with both children and cats. And we went for long walks in the woods off leash. He was so exhausted after 2 days of Christmas fun, that he slept for a whole day afterwards… Poor lad. But, I have the bestest dog in the whole wide world!


Gustav, Knitting

December knitting

I´ve been saving some special yarn for December. The idea was to knit socks with them throughout the month. To make sure that I´d be able to knit with all of them, I allowed myself to cast on a new pair of socks each day, until all of my Christmas yarn was on the needles.

On November 30 I had gathered all my special yarns, and took a photo of it (wearing last years Christmas socks). Due to unexpected events in our familiy, I wasn´t able to cast on any socks until December 2nd, and then it became therapy). Trying to take my mind off troubling thoughts I dyed up a couple of skeins that same weekend, and ended up with yet another Christmas yarn. Or, two actually, but I´m saving one for the Little Bobbins Christmas Eve Cast on!



Today I was able to take a picture of my progress so far. 31199501430_35122aef93_k-2

So. I´ve got 5 pairs of socks on the needles. Working a little on one or more every day. It´s my knitting calendar if you will. I´m a bit short on Christmas themed project bags, so I´m keeping them all in the two bags I have.

The red/pink:

Pattern: Simple socks

Needle size: 2.0mm

Yarn: Maskepigen Kjell “Mord i nisseverkstedet” (Murder in Santas workshop)


The purple:

Pattern: Rye socks by TinCanKnits

Needle size: 2.25mm

Yarn: Opal Uni Solid 4 ply


The blue:

Pattern: Evergreen Socks by Madeline Gannon

Needle size: 2.5mm

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll solids, Heathers & Twists


The pale green multicoloured:

Pattern: Simple socks

Needle size: 2.25mm

Yarn: Maskepigen Kjell “Granbar & Reinsdyrneser” (Pine needles & Reindeer noses) and Filcolana Arwetta 138


The bright green multicoloured:

Pattern: Simple socks

Needle size: 2.25mm

Yarn: A wee bit knitty Tough Cookie (Yet to be named) and Filcolana Arwetta 138


I was going to say that December is all about the sock knitting…


But I had a hard time taking a photo of my sock projects, because, apparently, December is all about the dog…

…and I love him for it!