That Saturday feeling…

After having finished some shawl UFOs, I decided that I could cast on something new. Not a shawl, but a sock. So it kind of doesn´t count. It is my opinion that one should always have socks on the needles. (…never mind that I have two pairs of socks on the needles already…)

After knitting my slightly modified Naisen kirjoneulesukat, I got a new favorite yarn, Regia Tweed. So I decided to buy a few skeins to be sure I could have more quality knitting time with this yarn. Now, this yarn has been lying on the kitchen table for a while, and I´ve been thinking I want to knit with it for the longest time, but decided to work on the shawls instead. I´ve seen people knitting with this yarn all over Instagram, and last night I just had to cave. And I cast on using my new favorite 2.5mm Chiaogoo RED 32″ (80 cm) Circulars.

I didn´t want to knit an advanced sock pattern, but I didn´t feel like a plain vanilla sock either. So I had a look around Ravelry and fell in love with the Gentleman´s Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern from one of my favorite sock books Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I have knitted these socks once before, but back then I just did the Ringwood pattern, and didn´t really follow the pattern. And that was my first and last man socks on 2mm needles… They took forever to knit! This time I wanted to follow the pattern, so I started on an extremely long rib last night before I went to bed. As always, I found that part kind of everlasting, but the yarn was so nice to work with that I kind of forgot that I really don´t enjoy that part of sock knitting.

So. This is what I´ve been doing today!

IMG_6341Several cups of coffee, some yoghurt covered nuts and since it is raining outside, I decided to take some of the flowers in the garden with me inside to look at.


IMG_6350Here is a close up of the pattern and the yarn. I just love the simplicity of the pattern and the lovely colored specks in the grey.

These socks are going to be long ones, so I have a fair bit of knitting left. But so far, it is a wonderful experience!

As soon as the weather clears up, I will be taking some pictures of my newest finished object, a Clothilde Shawl knitted in wonderful 100% Norwegian wool from a small Norwegian mini mill called Selbu Spinneri. So stay tuned for that!



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