The big box of sock shame…

I have this box that I don´t like to think too much about… It all started when I thought it was a good idea to cast on new sock projects when I was only half done with my current sock project… But have the big box of sock shame taught me anything? No. I still feel the urge to cast on new socks. Just the other day I decided that I should finish some of my sock wips. But now, when I´m close to finishing a pair of socks, I already feel the need to cast on a new pair… And if I keep knitting one sock and then casting on a new one without finishing the complete pair, this box will never be empty! I wouldn´t call it second sock syndrome, because I do want to knit the socks. It´s just that I want to knit all the socks at once!

The upside? When I do pick up a sock from this box, I only need to knit one sock to have a full pair…

Anyone else have a box of never ending sock wips?

11 thoughts on “The big box of sock shame…”

  1. After years of having at least one pair of socks on the needles at all times, I have only finished ONE sock this year. I seem to have lost my sock knitting mojo completely, and that’s a shame because I have a huge stash of sock yarn! ?

  2. I have exactly the same quandary. So many lovely sock patterns. I quite like that I end up only having to knit one sock to get a pair.

  3. I have several pairs of socks going at any one time and I get so bored lol But if I have too many unfinished things at a time it overwhelms me. I’ve even gotten so bored with a sock pattern and knit the second sock from a different pattern! The yarn matches though lol

    1. As long as the socks fit in the designated box of sock shame, I´ll keep my cool. But if they grow out of it… then I´ll be overwhelmed for sure! Giggle, – well, your socks kind of matched at least! Made me smile.

  4. I have a box like that, it’s my new year resolution to complete them in January. On the whole I do, except for one which has been lurking in the closet for the last two years.
    Congratulations on the baby, keep well and enjoy the time before the birth.

    1. I know that is an option. But I don´t like knitting two at a time… I did that on a pair of arms one time, and it was… not as enjoyable as it could have been…

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