Whispering Pines with beads

Due to some health issues, I wasn´t able to go to Denmark this weekend, so I decided I needed to cast on something new. (And shop yarn online…) I have knitted this pattern before, and I know I really enjoy it, so there is no way this will bum me out further! My pattern of choice is the Whispering Pines Shawl by A Homespun House and this time I´m adding beads!

I´m yet again using Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin, and this time I´ve decided to use the colorway “Petite Poison nr 5 dark” which is a dark and rich purple. This shawl is going to be a Christmas present for my boyfriends sister, and I think she will love the color, and I know she likes the shawl because she commented on the one I gave my mother for Christmas. My plan is to put beads on the edging. I´ve never knitted with beads before, so that will be fun! I´m using 4mm/US6 Addi needles like I´ve done before. I did 4 repeats of the lace pattern on both of my previous shawls, and I´m planning on doing that on this as well. The bigger the better!

My previous Whispering Pines turned out like this for those of you who are wondering:


It´s so simple, and so pretty! No wonder I adore this pattern!



9 thoughts on “Whispering Pines with beads”

  1. Hi Lena,
    So sorry to read, that you couldn’t go to Denmark 🙁

    I am planning to knit Whispering Pines Shawl this year – the pattern and wool is in one of my remaining secret bags for my 12 projects in 2015. I am now curious about in which bag it is hidden… Hmm, I need to be patient 🙂
    Looking forward to see your Shawl with the beads!

    1. It was a bummer, yes. But I had a lovely time on the net getting myself some consolation prizes… 😉
      That 12 projects in 2015 sounds like a lovely thing to do! As you might know, I have a sock yarn calendar with one of my knitting buddies! So much fun!

      1. I like the surprise each month 🙂
        This year I bought already so much sock yarn that maybe I will make a sock calendar for 2016. Unless I knit 2 pair of socks each week 😉

  2. Sorry that you have not been feeling well, it’s so disappointing not to be able to travel when you have been looking forward to it. Have lots of yarn time, that usually helps!! I Love your shawls, I bought some Quince and co chickadee to knit one in the same purple when I went to Loop London and it’s still in the bag! Must get on it ?

    1. Knitting has been the best way to keep sane this week! Yarn time helps with most aches and pains! Thank you for the kind words on my shawls! I´d love to try Quince and Co yarn some day, it looks lovely! Purple is a very good choice of color 😉 What are you waiting for?! 😀

  3. Hi Lena,
    sorry you haven’t been well, hope things are better now!
    I love your color choice for Whispering Pines #3. The ones you’ve made before are gorgeous, but I guess I’m partial to Wollmeise purples 🙂

  4. What a bummer, those health issues… Get well soon !

    That purple is gorgeous ! I am very curious how it will look with the beads and how you like using them. It’s something I’d like to try too, one day. Where did you get the beads, from a local store or online ? And how do you judge what size beads to use ?

    1. Thank you for the well wishes! I´m getting treatment as we speak, so hopefully I will be back to my daily routine asap!
      I love the color too! And the plan is to get started on the beading some time today! Can hardly wait! I had no idea what beads to use, so I had a look around and found a Knitty post about it! My plan is to hook my beads as I go with a 0.75mm crochet needle.

      1. I hope the treatment works !
        Thanks for inserting that link, it looks really helpful. I am curious how you enjoy the process with the beads !

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